Show me your 2p Stick (art)

Okay, so I have finally received my art template from my builder, and am looking to see what people have done art-wise for good 2p sticks. Also any resources for things like re-make vector images (i.e. Astro City, Neo•Geo, CAPCOM, etc.).

The stick dimensions are going to be 34"x12.5", two player; I can send over the template if you wanna see it on request. Thanks SRKizens.

had to dig to find this pic. my 2L12B panel that i wrapped in cherry wood veneer.

My set of 2-player sticks were made back when I was killing many hours at Capcom vs SNK 2, hence the artwork to with it. Relatively simple overall.

I like the stick/button labels; also glad to see that it’s US, as mine will be as well, similar button layout too but my first two buttons aren’t as far slanted.

Any chance you still have the file(s) for those labels?

those are a lot of xbox pads O_O

Yeah, that was my first set of custom sticks; the stanted buttons was a little arbitrary. Though they served their use in that position very well as the Run button in MK3.
As for the labels, I actually might still have them. I used photos of the faces of the controllers, and re-drew them in Photoshop. The only problem is, I’m not sure if the resolution is high enough for good quality prints nowadays.

Yeah, that was when I was still living at home. We had 4 Xboxes around the house at the time (between me and my brother).