Shout outs to Jav1ts

Caught quite a few of your matches on Seasons Beatings Stream. GGs man.

yea i caught the one he faced marn and the one right before, good stuff.

gotta say though, i was yelling at the screen for him to do the ultra on reaction when the opponents kept doing focus attacks right in his face.

thanks guys i just saw this thread, i choked it up but those guys were very good :slight_smile: thx for the love. i have an xbox now… training time is here

No prob man the love is deserved. Hit me up on XBL if you don’t mind playing some with me. I’d like to learn from a Rog player that is better than myself. GT is BrandonBluez

lol this Jav1ts with a “1” in his name is a phony. I’m the real Javits.

Magnet Man sshh

thanks for the help (meaty taps and spacing) today Jav1itz at CTF on a random tuesday.