Im sure he inspired many of you adon players to stick with him, and maybe even converted some players to join the jaguar bandwagon. great job Gamerbee!!

LOL The views went from 74 to 10 after he lost.

He moderates forums if you reeeallllly wanna shoutout to him lol

Im really happy I go to see gamerbee live in action. Truly an inspiration to take my adon into the training room more and step my shit up.

Same here man…I think I play a solid adon but I just gotta work on some match up specifics…very inspiring performance from a true specialist…

According to the twfighers link, gamerbee won over $1k in money matches, also someone states that RB beat tokido in a money match as well. Hope these were recorded somewhere!

Indeed! Mad props for sending Jwong home and making him eat his useless words of saying adon was one of the worse characters in the game and he mad 5th place at freaking EVO. Jwong I hope ur feeling Super salty because of this!!

The best part of Gamerbee’s win is the win quote that was shown after:

“A new legend is born this day! All hail the mighty Adon.”

RB beat tokido in the high rollers tournament that gamerbee won. It was soul crushing watching tokido lose all weekend long, especially that last match he played in the tekken tournament. Double perfect then knocked out.

I probably won’t be picking Adon up, but just dropping in here to give respect for your amazing play and reinvigorating the community. Go Taiwan!

It was a fantastic match, I was so pumped after watching it. I’m sure the general SNK response is to shit on cheerleading threads like this, but it was a great fight. I was hoping Ricky would take it, but I was really happy with the top 8.

His match with Mike was awesome, wanted them both to win.

OHhhhh Canada, ooppppps. My bad!

Is there a vid of gamerbee vs jwong anywhere i would love to see it?

YouTube - evo2kvids’s Channel

props to gamerbee what he did out there was not easy so ive been using him for a while time to hit the lab again lol

Congratulations to the Jaguar.

Just watched it gamerbee was awsome big props to him.

very happy to see adon do it .