Should you ever mash for extra hits on EX MGU?

I’m just wondering since more damage is obviously nice, but since the EX MGU is so great for setting up other stuff (U2) do you really want your later damage scaled by the extra hits?

It seems to me you probably shouldn’t ever want to mash EX MGU, but I was just wondering if there’s any situations where this isn’t true.

In corner without ultra, you can do ex mgu to ex up kicks. You wanna mash out for extra dmg in that case. In terms of bnb’s, use fp mgu and mash out. For ex mgu, dash, U2, don’t mash.

It varies whether u should mash it out or not. Anytime ur gonna u2 after it, do not mash out as hurts the damage scaling(and also makes it impossible to do walk or dash u2 midscreen). If you intend to do ex dreads after it then you should mash out as it will give u more damage.

The trickiest choice is whether or not you should mash it out if ur gonna do upkicks after it. Mashing ex mgu and doing medium upkicks gives u slightly more damage than a mashed fierce punch mgu. Mashing ex-mgu and doing heavy upkicks gives even a little bit more damage than that. Not mashing ex-mgu and doing heavy upkicks can give u the most damage cause the upkick can hit twice. The problem with using heavy upkicks is if youre too far youll whiff and get punished when ur opponent techs, and it is harder to hit on some characters than others. Personally I usually mash and do medium upkicks so that I dont have to worry about getting punished if the upkick misses.

o ya and in the corner mashed ex-mgu, medium upkicks then another medium upkicks is the most damaging combo without ultra. no need to burn a second bar on ex dreads or ex upkicks.