Should we also have guest characters in MVCI?

Since Injustice 2 has been doing it and it’s awesome?

I’d say MVCI should. But they should start with making sure some X-men will be DLC characters in the future, then at least Doom and Invisible Woman (one of her hypercombos should include Mr Fantastic, Thing and Human Torch hitting the opponent and Sue will give the final blow) for Fantastic Four…

  1. Darth Vader from Star Wars. - Darth Vader won’t really be called a guest character since Star Wars is owned by Disney. There are million of Star wars fans so with darth Vader in MVCI, we will see a huge increase in sales.
  2. Queen Elsa from Frozen Movie - a very popular animated movie that will surely make the younger audience also pick the game.
  3. Zorro? - I’m not sure if they own Zorro but I believe there are a lot of Zorro fans, the mexicans should be enticed to get the game.

Who else do you think are big characters that MVCI should included adding as a DLC?

No it shouldn’t, for one simple reason: It’s already a crossover game. The difference between Tekken and Injustice is that those are base games on their own adding “guest” characters in the game. I quote that because in Injustice they aren’t even guest characters, they are all comic characters that have in some way been part of the DC Universe. MvCI Is already a crossover game with Marvel characters “Guest starring” in a Capcom fighting game.

Look at SFxT, it had guest characters and they all got banned :frowning:

Well they were PS3 exclusive to start, and Fat Megaman could fly, so fuck that shit. Still a fun game tho.

Do the X-Men technically count as guest characters now?

X-Men still Marvel actually.

I can only think of Jin Kazama (w/ Kazumi as an NPC cameo), Kyo Kusanagi, Noctis Lucis Caelum & Ken the Eagle could be potential guest characters since some of these characters appeared in Capcom-made crossover fighting games, & 1 is one of the 3 guest fighters (other being the villains Akuma & Geese, the former will be part of MvCI S2 DLC Pass for the next EP2 importance of Satsui no Hado) in Tekken 7

You know, they’re not quite guest characters but I would be interested in seeing X-Guardians, Drones and BOWs as playable characters in the game.