Should V-Trigger skills upgrades auto-apply during V-Trigger?

According to folks that played the E3 build, while you are in V-Trigger, your skills automatically become their “V” versions. I am not a huge fan of this, because, as a prospective Bison main, I would rather keep his teleport dash active as long as possible. I’m not necessarily interested in my next Knee Press being a V-Knee Press, and it would be great to keep the option open and flexible so that I can better determine when to use the skill. Why reduce my strategic usage of these skills, anyway?

I don’t get what you are asking. The whole point of V-trigger is augmentation of your abilities.

V-Trigger has two effects:

  1. A passive buff.
  2. Your specials are augmented.

Unfortunately, the second effect is automatically applied whenever you use a special. If I have V-Trigger activated, and I use Knee Press, it automatically becomes V-Knee Press, and I use up a huge portion of my V-Trigger gauge. However, I don’t care about the specials being augmented (necessarily). I want that first effect to last a long time instead. I want to play Bison with the teleport dash as long as possible.

More importantly, I want to save the augmented specials for a strategic moment. If my opponent knows that my next special HAS to be V-special, then there’s a drop of depth in the neutral. My opponent knows I have to burn V-meter to get Knee Press out now, and if he knows I would rather not do that, then Knee Press becomes less threatening. Why not allow me to have access to normal Knee Press, and push a button to change it to the V-special version during V-Trigger?

Interesting question. I think that for the sake of balance, the properties gained from V-Trigger should REMAIN during V-Trigger. If not, I think it would make the way the game is played a little too crazy and imbalanced. How, you ask? Imagine Birdie Bull Heading his way through every projectile because his V-Trigger has invincibility frames. Or Charlie teleporting around like a maniac with Sonic Boom crossup shenanigans. Ryu constantly chucking denjin hadoukens, etc. It would be nuts! Granted, I could see the argument being made that some characters don’t seem as threatening without their V-Trigger but for them to keep their buffed specials at all time would be insane. I think they’d have to address those specials and tone them down, because as it seems right now, V-Trigger creates enough momentum to win you the round. To have the permanent buffs of V-Trigger might be really damaging.

Not every character gets different specials in V-Trigger, it depends on the character. Cammy and Bison get different specials in V-Trigger, that’s the entire point of their V-Triggers though, so if you don’t like those, then you don’t like their V-Triggers.

Having alternate inputs to use different versions of specials could work, but I don’t know if It’s necessary and it seems complicated in a game that’s going for simplicity. If the V-trigger specials are better than the originals in every way, why include the originals? And if there’s some weird tech that only works with non-V-Trigger specials, then is it okay for the part of the V-Trigger to be trading them off? Food for thought.

Jesus christ.

V Trigger passively augments your specials once you ACTIVATE IT. Don’t activate V Trigger when you don’t want to use V Trigger.

Not only that, if full v-trigger had a passive effect that would lead to possibly more balancing issues.

You want Bison’s tele dash for as long as possible then get good at using only his normals.

Is there a difference between a V-Trigger activated move and its EX version? In other words, is EX Cannon Spike the same as the V-Trigger activated Cannon Spike?

You’re misunderstanding how V-Trigger works.

From what we have seen, there are two types of V-Triggers. The more common “install” type V-Triggers, and those that are a single action that consume the entire bar.

For the “install” type V-Triggers, specials being augmented are part of that passive buff.

It depends per character, last I checked, no more characters have unlimited EX in V-Trigger mode. Also, whether or not character can use EXs in V-Trigger is also likely on a per character basis. For example, Cammy cannot use EX’s while her V-Trigger is active, at the same time, her EXs are different from her V-Trigger specials.

I rather have the v-trigger activation have something like in MSH Gem activation that push the opponent far away so it makes your fighter free and safe from corner trap that acts as a reset of opponent setup.

something like a semi-combo breaker or advancing guard but not as a hitstun so it won’t be comboable.

It sounds like the real answer to your concern would be to have the teleport dash also drain the gauge, if that ability is good enough that you would trade off empowered specials for it.

It may be that scissors don’t serve the same purpose during V-trigger, or it may be that they don’t want you to be able to extend the life of the ability once you are already close enough to be doing blockstrings.

I consider it a balancing mechanism in itself because Bison and Birdie’s V-Trigger depletes really slowly if they’re not using specials and that in itself can play a mind game during a match. Bison’s pressure game with Scissors and Inferno is pretty strong as is. I don’t really want to see him maintain that with his V-Trigger mobility on top of that.