Should they Nerf Sabrewulf?

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I wouldn’t like to see a nerf because personally I don’t like living in the patch days. I’m not playing at tournament level with this game but it seems to me blocking a low, or a over head isn’t that bad. Especially if you can combo break if you guess wrong in a 50/50 situation after hard knockdown.

And who knows maybe Spinal and Fulgore will have good matches against him? And maybe the rest of the cast will have good matches against Spinal and Fulgore. I think you have just played this game more than anyone else on the planet and you have concluded Saberwolf is the best right now.

I think there will be a lot of rebalancing after the introductions of spinal and fulgore. But hes not that overpowerd. If you dont use his punches. His low and overhead run attacks are really easy to counter. And his eclipse has already been nerfed since day one. Not that I think the hitbox has changed.

You know his shadow eclipse is unblockable as a crossup, right? And it’s not even a command grab.

What does that even mean? There’s nothing unblockable about Sabrewulf other than charged Overpower. Which is probably his most underutilized tool any way.

If you’re talking about how his Shadow Eclipse freezes the screen after a “cross up” that just makes it a “hard to blockable”. You can just randomly guess or find a way to react to his dash before he freezes and still block. Which like I said, would be fixed by simply giving shadow eclipse one frame of start up after the flash (so 6,1 instead of 6,0). Effectively giving it 7 total frames start up. Sabrewulf has no unblockable moves or glitches that cause unblockables anymore.

His high/low specials are unsafe on block so even if those are an unreactable guess, if those are blocked he’s getting put in a combo unless he instinct cancels.

Untill i saw the videos no i was not aware. When i say they nerfed eclipse i mean from a damage perspective. But if its unblockable than yes maybe it should be removed. You should put a Link to your video or this post on the double helix forums bug section.

Though I am yet to test this myself.

I don’t think hes overpowered per say but the mechanic of him moving forward while using an attack needs to be taken out… Far too often online will someone just mash lightpunch and then do the eclipse and get a free combo.

Mashing lights into eclipse is an opener into an ender. You have all day to break it.

Egh what an awful thread

For anyone who cares enough to actually do some reading:

You are wrong… It’s not “hard to block”… it becomes an unblockable if you are not blocking BEFORE the startup of Shadow Eclipse… did you even watch the video and listen? FacePalm!!

The only shadow move that should have this property is Thunder’s Command Grab Shadow Move NOT a normal shadow move like Eclipse… Do you even get what I pointed out in the video?

worst thread ever

Oh Look, a Sabrewulf player!

sounds like someone’s been losing to sabrewulf too much

you should be more worried about sadira since 90% of the time when you hit her, she’s airborne so you can’t do good damage

and jago vs thunder being 8-2 9-1 jago

and how jago can get away with jump back fire ball wind kick forward do it all again against a ton of characters

same for glacius with jump back icicles and tackle

She also has 50 percent damage unbreakable combos that have yet to be patched out. Plus her instinct basically stops all offense. Glacius can’t even zone her anymore.

No. He doesn’t need to be nerfed. The shadow eclipse isn’t even that big of a deal to me on wake up (or when they are waking up with a shadow eclipse). The hit box is huge but it’s not a deal breaker. Don’t try crossups on Sabrewulf when he has meter. I’ve made countless Sabre’s use their shadow meter (granted I haven’t even played the game since the patch…too much life stuff happening). I don’t see the big deal of not being able to do crossups on Sabre…that’s like saying, don’t try to throw against Thunder because you’ll lose that battle…

As it should be. If you could block it after the screen freeze, the move would be useless outside of combos or AA.

It’s wwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyy too early to call for balance changes IMO. I don’t think Sabrewulf is at all too powerful to deserve a full nerf.

Sure I get my ass kicked by some Sabrewulf’s, but then again, I get my ass kicked by just as many other characters in the cast. I think I get more destroyed by Orchids or Sadiras because I play much fewer of them that know wtf they are doing, so when I see one that is good, I get rocked.

Sabrewulf I see so often that I know what he is going to do and for the most part what his autodoubles are as well. But I also do get my ass kicked by one that is very aggressive and just owning me.

But you know what I have to do as a Glacius player? Do a better job of keeping him out and NOT letting him get in. Sabrewulf’s only way in on me is through the ground, and using Glacius shatter upper move works wonders against trying to keep a Sabrewulf out. When I get owned by Sabrewulf I don’t first think that he needs to be nerfed, I think first that I screwed up by not keeping him out and letting him in on me.


And yeah Zedox where the F you been? People been asking about you on IRC too hah.

What is up with people these days always trying to nerf someone within the first couple months of playing the damn game. Go ahead and turn this game into Injustass

Yet another acid glow thread linking to his yt videos fishing for views with ridiculous ideas.

Sabre is fine and his shadow Eclipse was nerfed huge already.

My change to Saberwulf:

  • Frame data for running uppercut on block changed from -2 to -4 or -3.

That’s all