Should SF4 sticks/pads have their own individual threads now?

Well, its been a while since the sf4 release and i know people were trying to scalp and make an extra buck or two. is it time to kill the “SF4 everything” thread and let the flooding of sf4 stick threads begin?

You decide, 1 week.

You probably should since I mindlessly made a thread about selling a TE stick, completely forgetting about the SFIV thread…


I think if its a modded stick it should get its own thread, otherwise if nothing is changed on it then it should remain in the SF IV thread.

There is no massive profit to be had off them anymore, don’t see a problem with letting the SFIV stuff become regular .

I think they should get their own threads. I never bother even checking the SF4 thread for buys.

I put in one of the ‘no’ votes but I honestly don’t care. My thinking at the time was that it was less threads to browse through. Individual threads are better for iTrader.

I think it should be one big thread for new/used products and people can make a new thread if they modded the stick.

modded stuff deserve individual threads.

I say yeah because I need to do an interest check on my broken (PCB, it seems) modded with all Sanwa Parts SE.

Need to find out how much I can get for this thing.

I am in agreeance with the comment that items deserve their own thread for the sole reason of iTrader, which requires that only feedback can be left for the original creator of the thread in the case of buying and only the original creator of the thread can leave feedback as the seller. This makes no sense in having an SF4 thread, when individuals will then need to make new threads for the sole purpose of exchanging feedback. I personally feel that the same should go for all threads of a similar nature as it goes against the feedback system in place by iTrader.

i vote yes