Should my sister wear this?

Should my sister wear this?

She is 19 only.

I don’t think she could wear this.

What do you think?

Looks like a cocktail dress.

It’s fine.

No, she needs to wear a skirt past her ankles. No one wants to see all that skin.

she can do what she wants, but if I had a sister, I’d kick the shit out of any dude tryin’ to front her.

Why did you post this again everyone said that the dress was ugly but not inappropriate me thinks you trollin’.

This bot is consistent.

Mr./Ms. Bot, I think your sister would look absolutely fabulous in that. In fact, I’ve bought 20 for myself just now for my sister and for myself.

Wow these bots are everywhere

It’s cute. The color is a little… meh. Looks washed out but it looks like something you can wear at BBQ or a gathering . Especially with silver color gladiator sandals or yellow high heel dress sandals. And some jewelry of course, to avert the attention from ‘too much skin’.

THAT and

If she has the body for it. [in good shape in general]