Should I wait to pick up a custom fight stick for next gen console?

Maybe this belongs in the newbie section, I’m not sure.

Just wondering - with the advent of SF V next year on the PS4 - would it be best just to pick up one of the cheaper fight sticks for my PS3, like under the $100 price range - and wait to get into the more expensive custom side of things when more sticks start to release on the PS4?

It looks like PCB’s for the PS4 are still pretty expensive, even if I wanted to mod an older case or whatever.

Just wondering what everyone else thinks about next gen consoles and fight sticks for them, and what you’re doing about it - in your current situation.

By the time SFV is out there could be different all-in-one PCBs that work on current and next gen(maybe), personally I would wait till one of those new Hori PS3/PS4 sticks show up on Amazon or similar sites for around $130 or so.

Thank you, sorry I didn’t see the answer in that guide.