Should i upgrade my stick

Ok, so i was originally planning on being an xbox 360 street fighter player and i had purchased vanilla on Xbox 360, and ended up owning the XBOX 360 DOA4 Hori stick. I also owned a madcatz fight stick but it broke so often i got rid of it. Now that i no longer have an xbox 360, i own super sfIV on ps3 and was wondering if the DOA4 hori stick is quality enough that it would be worth dual modding for tournies (its my understanding that most tournies run on xbox 360) that way i could still practice with the same stick, or should i get a new stick of the DOA4 Hori isn’t quality enough and just dual mod a new one. What are some suggestions?

Doa4 stock parts arent exactly quality, and im pretty sure most tourneys use ps3?

either way you dont need to get a new one, just change the parts in the stick and it will be tourney level =]

If you’re happy with the DOA4 Hori stick, you can pick up a Hori Fighting Stick 3 for fairly cheap, its the PS3 equivalent.

Up to you whether you would want to get it dual modded or not.

@ Leetard
Not every tourney uses PS3.

can’t i just dual mod the one i have and save the money then?

can i equip the DOA4 stick with sanwa parts? if not what parts do you recommend?

Whatever you’re comfortable with. I don’t think the stick is common ground to be able to do a dual mod with. The Hori 360 stick isn’t common ground. So you would need to get a new PCB board for the stick to dual mod plus dual mod components. If you’re comfortable with the case, then you can decide to dual mod it. If you don’t care, then I would consider picking up a stick that you can dual mod out of the box (if you’re doing it yourself) such as Madcatz Tournament or Hori Real Arcade Pro (PS3).

Cannot Dual Mod the EX2 with its current PCB, because it is not Common Ground.

Now if you know how to make the PCB Common Ground, then you can Dual Mod.
By use of Optocoupler and Resister, Hex Inverter and Analog Switch, Transistor and Resistor.

Or take out the stock PCB and use a Common Ground Xbox 360 Controller PCB.