Should i upgrade my fightstick?

right now i use the tekken 6 hori fightstick. becasue it’s a hori, i’ve never had any problems. but it’s really small and dinky, and that can get annoying since im a bigger dude. thing is, i don’t have a job so it’s hard for me to make money. i think im a pretty decent player with it but my friend has gotten an se that he put sanwa parts in and then he got a te and when i used them both they felt so much better. i’d also want to get an se because i want to make some custom art. is it worth the trouble of trying to make money to get a new one or should i just continue to rock what i have?

I would I find the stick is more for decoration than anything

If you pay for an SE, you still won’t have Sanwa parts. With that money, you could get 6 Sanwa buttons and a JLF. I’d add some weight inside your stick. If you’re tight on cash, I think your stock joystick won’t be too bad, just get buttons, this will be the cheapest way to a big improvement in performance. If you decide to upgrade to SE later, you can just swap all the Sanwa parts over.

For weights, you can be creative and use what you find around the house. A friend of mine stacked CD’s together, cut them to shapes that fit into his case, and taped it all down. It did a solid job and it was free.

It’s surprising you say the T6 is a bit too small for you, but you find the SE alright. I thought they were pretty similar in size, never seen the T6 in person. But it’s definitely all about preference. Perhaps the button layout is one of the reasons you find it easier though.

Don’t really have anything to add on to what TheRev and roxtc said. You can always purchase new buttons and a stick to put in. But you said you’d want the SE for purposes of artwork. If that is a factor in all of it, you can always get a template for your T6 and put new art onto it. I would suggest figuring out what exactly it is that bothers you about your current stick though. If it’s size, a TE is definitely the way to go. If it’s the button layout, maybe an SE. You can probably get one in the $40 price range, check Craigslist. But then you will more than likely end up wanting to upgrade the buttons and stick, so keep that in mind. The TE as you probably know, comes stock with a JLF and Sanwa OBSF’s. If you look around and hard enough you can pick up some version of it for 80-90 bucks.

So I played some SSF IV with the Tekken 6 stick Now I put my sticks on the stand DJ Hero came with so to make it easier to play and replicate being in an arcade. That said the T6 stick is responsive and did all the moves I wanted it to. I even won an online match with this stick. But the problem is it moves around too much and needs to be weighted down.

It’s a far better stick than I gave it credit for at first but it needs to be weighted down.

yeah the size issue is not like the entire size around the stick, but that from top to bottom it’s like half the size of an se. i forgot to mention though that the only se i plan on getting was from my friend who bought it from another friend. it is the one with sanwas already in it. he’s not that serious when it comes to SF but we have a deal that we trade sticks and i’ll give him 30 bucks.

SE for 30 bucks with Sanwa Parts already installed is a really really good deal.

T6 stick + $30 for Sanwa modded SE? DO IT! Do it NOW!

When you put it that way, Hell yes!

Edit: And try not to smile or crack up while you rob your friend. He may reconsider =P Although I’m sure he’s just being a nice guy since he has a TE.

Yeah man, as everyone else has stated, that’s a freaking steal and a half. The jlf and buttons alone are worth that. Jump on that asap.

yeah. it’s not that big of a deal to me because he’s at least getting my stick but he’s not seriously into SF. I am i play like everyday now, 50+ matches. He’s not the one with the te btw. but yeah i think for a guy like myself im gonna need that SE if i’m to progress as a player. so i’m for sure gonna go with this deal i guess, the problem is the money. i have like 15 bucks, hard for me to get money and hard for me to keep any money i have. I’m a big craigslist dealer haha, but i’m running out of stuff to sell!!!

I think chad is going to want more the SE stick cuz he saw this thread, fyi :slight_smile:

Oh well. It’s hard to get money for me so I’ll just keep what I got and he could let that Sanwa modded se collect dust cuz that’s all its been doing. My stick isn’t half bad anyway.

Tell this to Chad, not me. Frankly I dont care cuz I already got my 80 bucks and a TE. You should trade sticks when you can though, I like the se and the tekken 6 but the SE is probably better in the long run.

Speaking of collecting dust, I use my stick everyday and it still has dust on it. I dunt geyt eet @_@

im tellin you because you’re talkin on my post. if chad wants or wanted more money he coulda told me. but ima keep mine, it works perfectly fine. i just don’t like it’s light weight but if i play on the floor it doesn’t even matter. if i somehow come into that money then i’ll probably do it but until that happens im just gonna focus on mine.

Well if you are fine with yours and dont have problems then it sounds like everythings great.