Should I pick up this game?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but anyhoo:

I’ve heard about this game for awhile (here and there) and I just have a few questions about it. Mainly, the first one.

1.Is this game any good? Should I buy it and actually take the time to get good at it?

2.I’m mostly a Marvel player, but I’ve recently been getting into the SF games (Mainly Third Strike and SFxT). That being said, how does this game work? Are there footsies? Links or Chains? Ect?

3.Is this a game where you pick 1, 2 or 3 people to fight with? Are there assists like in Marvel?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Yes, very much so. One of the best games I’ve ever played. It takes a while to get used to, especially if your first serious game is not one that’s input heavy. You need to get comfortable with stick motions to do some of the combos in this game.

  2. The system has a drive and stock meter system. You use drive meter to cancel a special move into another special move during a window when you cancel it. That requires 50% drive meter and you only have 100% to play with at max. Activating HD mode allows you to do these types of cancels for a limited time for 10% of the bar as the bar slowly decreases. Stock allows you to do super moves, EX moves (like in Third Strike), and allow you to use guard cancel commands like rolling or a knockback attack. There are some characters that have tough normal links, some characters have chain commands. There’s footsies involved in the game as well. It’s got the elements of a fighting game with an added layer of jump footsies. Different types of jumps are in the game so you have to be aware of which they’re using and how to counter it or aggressive players will run over you. Best thing to know is to stick with your normals till you get more comfortable with moves.

  3. You pick 3 characters in basic tournament format. No more, no less. You can select the order before the match. There are no assists and everyone shares meter.

1: Fuck yeah!

2: There’s footsies, plays a little like 3S, there’s character-specific chains, plays like SF crossed with Marvel in that it has those SF footsies but it’s rush down oriented mostly. Certain characters like King and Leona can shut out rushdown but the game mostly revolves around rushdown. The only way a guy playing keepaway will win is if he blocks and punishes something and goes for big damage with HD mode.

3: 3 people. No assists.

TBH: If you have a strong offline scene I’d highly recommend it. If you mostly play online I would hesitantly recommend it. Not many people online, the connections vary from person to person, and a majority of people online play it like it’s SF because they don’t know any better.

Reiki.kito and Louiscipher said most of what I could’ve said to answer your questions, but to add a little, there’s a great balance among characters to take advantage of. Nearly every character has their own special answer for a lot of things if the system doesn’t provide; tier-lists in this game do exist, but don’t carry as much weight as in other games. You can literally play based on styles and succeed a lot.

Besides that, one thing I’m still having a lot of fun with is customizing, XIII has color system that makes it the best 2D customizable game (like a 2D SCV). Check out any KOF color edit thread and you’ll see what I mean.

Great game. Online is terrible. If you intend to play this game online, and not have an offline scene, don’t get it.

Now that I think of it. If you live down south and have amazing internet you might, just might have good connections with the Brazilians and Mexicans. If you can get decent sets with them then you can a lot. And also learn what jajajajaja and No Mames Quey means.

Without question pick it up.

Ive always been a fan of both the KOF and SF series (always a little more SF though) and I am absolutely blown away by this game, It has my vote for best fighter of this generation console.

Online is hit or miss depending on where you live, as Louiscipher said if you can get sets in with Brazilians and Mexicans you will no doubt quickly see how badass this game/system is.

pick it up
and also get your friends to buy it too
its awesome you wont regret it

I just got the game a few days ago, wanting something a bit different from ssf4 ae and remembering the evo hype. Have yet to be disappointed with it. It’s faster paced/can be more combo heavy than SF, so it should be more similar to Marvel in that regard. Online isn’t as easy to find games as AE but it’s not that bad.

It is definitely worth getting. Good luck finding people to practice with though if you don’t have a local scene.