Should i main guy?

im having fun with Guy but he is really low tier and i dont know if i can make any good of him

I would say 95% of the charicters in SSF4 are much better on a High Level of play, than Guy. On a lower level, you are able to have fun with this charicter for the most part. It’s going to take alot of Charicter Specific Knowledge to even compete on a high level. If your just talking Xbox Live and PSN then go for it and have fun. But if your talking Tournament Level Guy, then good luck.

ok thanks well that sucks really found guy interesting i guess il go with abel then…

Don’t give up though, Combofiend made a mark with Guy in Super. So I wouldn’t drop him, I never use anyone in Super aside from Guy, and in AE i’ll probably just learn the Lee Brothers because of them being my characters in 3S

Guy isn’t awful. He’s got some great anti-airs, and a really good rush-down. Watch this video. Imo anyone without a projectile is rough to use, but I find them more fun since everyone’s got shoto’s memorized.

Its nice and long, and you get to see a great Guy player against various characters and how he acts. This video made me want to go back to Guy again. Great stuff. His rush-down and mix-ups are nice. Using that Jumping down mid to fake out players is brilliant.

thanks il watch the video and thank you for the good post

U should

Well like every character,there is pros and cons. I would say the cons way heavily apon guys head. It takes alot of work to win with him when you approach highly defensive character. you will lose alot but when you win it feels very rewarding because you know how hard it was to achieve that victory.

ok i am using guy atm and training with him and doing ok and he is really fun to use just feels hard to get oponents off you when you are being rushed down

I used to main Ryu, but once i tried out guy i discovered how rewarding and fun it was to win with him. yeah you’ll lose a lot but its just soo much fun to win as him.

I main guy :smiley:

Should you main Guy…main him??? main…him…HELL NO!!! it’s not enough to just MAIN Guy, you must absorb him into your being. You must become the Art of Bushinryu

Well I’ll tell you this much I’ve thought that question many of times and made a thread on it, it’s how comfortable you are with him. To me he’s the best player out in the game (TO ME). His only* real* weakness is that most on the roster will anti air him out with just normal’s alone. I’m learning that he’s really not a rush down character like most make him out to be, that’s why most people take a good ass whipping because they figure lp, lp, lk, R-Stop, or Target 2 R-Stop mp solves problems and it doesn’t it just makes him predictable especially against grapplers, Kiryu, and Paptiwawa, makes it look like he’s a rush character but they are just baiting others to make a move. And that’s his fighting style to bait others via by whiffing- bushin flips- R-Stops (without target 2), plus he’s a ground tactic fighter (not rushing imo) because again his airs are bad. The only time he’s good as a rush is against scrubs or DB type characters. Also it just boils down to good reading and execution with Guy. If you can find good bread and butter combo’s with Guy and not try to do pretty shit and use his meter well in combo’s and armour, abusing his pokes there shouldn’t be anybody’s ass that you can’t kick, unless the person you playing is just good, he has bad match-ups I thought but I don’t believe in match-ups anymore that’s just hearsay if you play him and practice also know what the other opponents moves and what to look out as the Guy thread will show when v12 comes out read it and you should be straight. One last thing…since Guy is fast pending on how good your online is, it also effects Guy inputs you’ll see the difference.

We just dream he was a rush down character is again :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh no that’s not what I meant, not disrespecting you all’s point of view on Guy. I’m just speaking from my experience thus far with Guy. Maybe I’m saying it the wrong way.

No its exactly what you meant. When you play Alpha series then play AE you really just wish Guy has his proper rushdown game, He can still rush down but it was still better in Alpha; Proximity cancels, delayed RH from BC, his TC was overall better (Alpha 3), his normals were better, his Elbow was obviously better but it was his main cross up tool, Run Overhead would cross up as well, Bushin flip has more usage in his game overall. He could be used several different ways and only a few of his matchups were uphill battles, mainly those that would have easy use of Vism, Sim, and Gief…

No offense bro *really. *

I wasn’t offended at all, I was making a statement to really show he isn’t as much of a rush down character and brought examples of what made him very offensive.

Oh okay good stuff lol