Should I get....

Well I’m thinking about getting on some KOF and some Tekken. I havent played Tekken in ages, but now I’m just aching to play some. I was wondering if I should go ahead and get Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion right now. I saw that it only came out in 2009, so I’m pretty sure there are alot of people still playing it. And when it comes to KOF, I’ve never really played any SNK game. I see that the most popular ones are KOF 98 and KOF 02. Which one should I get?



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I’m not a huge kof player but 98 is the one I have, take that for what its worth. If you’re looking to get into snk I recommend garou mark of the wolves. Its great

Get all of them and play them as you see fit

While we’re on the subject, should I get that blue sweater from the store or the red scarf?



get T6 BR.

King Of Fighter 98 To Learn the Fundamentals. King Of Fighters 2002 To Get into cancels.

I warn you KOF has intense mindgames once you get into playing it at a high level. With the Short Hops, Hyper Hops, Super Jumps and etc. Crazy Characters like Iori, who has rekka moves, Like his (:qcb: :p: x3) and command grab to combos/ DM’s. (DM’s are Hypers)

KOF is extremely diverse unlike other fighters IMO. You’ll find your self lost in how many fun & unique characters you can add to your team.

However, some people are to stubborn and not willing to try the game out seriously, instead of just making outside the box judgments about not playing it, Its a excellent damn game.

Side Note

Check out this KOF 98 Vid it got some cool Top Notch Gameplay. Girl Yuri who plays a tad similar to SF’s sakura is crazy in this, you see her taking out Top Tiers Like Iori, and Kyo. But Cool thing about KOF is Tiers Dont Generally matter IMO, cause mostly every character has something balling about them.


I think theres a lot of people (me included) who would love to get good at KOF and other SNK games, but since theres an even smaller SNK scene than SF its hard to justify putting the time in. It kind of sucks that the major tournaments dont seem to be putting SNK games in the mix, and if they are there its not a main game

maybe when kof13 comes to consoles it will change. I hope

KOF is one of the most played fighting games outside the USA. So yea you wont find any body local playing really.

F.E. these Arcade Income Charts
2010 Arcade income

  1. Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
  2. Gundam Vs Gundam NEXT
  3. BlazBlue Continuum Shift 1
  4. Street Fighter 4
  5. Virtua Fighter 5 R
  6. King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match
  7. Gundam SEED DESTINY Federation vs. ZAFT 2
  8. Winning Eleven Arcade Championship 2010
  9. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
  10. Melty Blood Actress Again
  11. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
  12. Hyper Street Fighter 2
  13. Power Smash 3 (Virtua Tennis)
  14. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
  15. Arcana Heart 3
  16. Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code
  17. King of Fighters XIII (only 4 months old)
  18. Virtua Striker 4 ver.2006
  19. King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match

The other fact behind this is on GGPO it has such a big community. King Of Fighters 98 has its on Three Seprate rooms, JUST for King Of Fighters 98. One room always has 120+ in it. Other 2 rooms frequently have 50+ people. Those numbers get bigger on weekends a course.

King of fighter 2002 always has 150+ people playing. Sad thing about everything you’ll see very little to none USA flags. So yea US doesn’t really get down with KOF.