Should i get SF4 for pc or console?

I v’e been playing a lot of SF2 on my emulator but should i get SF4 for pc or my console because i play almost all my games on pc.

Personally, I’m kinda bias for PC, since that’s what I play on. Xbox is probably the best though. IIRC Xbox has the least input lag. Though Evo is gonna be on PS3, if you’re training for that sort of thing :wink:

Well if you mainly play on pc and your computer can run it, I’d say go for the pc version. You’ll find it for really cheap (watch out for steam sales), have better graphics, can mod it to death, and finally, can play it with any pad/arcade stick you’re comfortable with. And you’ll also find people online to play against.

On Xbox the peripherals, and even the game itself, are generally more expensive. I’ve only played it on xbox, but the turnout online on AE is pretty disappointing at the moment. Vanilla sf4 seems to have more people in the lobbies, but its a very different game.

Hopefully a PC gamer can fill in their side here, but if I start an endless lobby on Xbox AE, I’ll typically be waiting 5-10 mins for a matchup. 1-2 mins on vanilla sf4.

May also depend on how you plan on playing the game; Casually? Club fighter? Tournament? Hardcore online warrior?

I want to join my local club, and they’re Xbox and AE only, which is why that’s my setup.

Go console, if you don’t wanna deal with GWFL BS. If you don’t have any problems with GWFL though then PC is fine. There are some awesome mods.

Alright thanks everyone.I think i’m gonna get i for pc.

if you wait a couple of days it’s pretty certain to be 75% off on Steam