Should I get a pad

I don’t have the budget for a joystick, so should I get a pad for now, or just stick with a standard controller and start saving no rather than later

If you want to play competitively, then play with a joystick asap. If you play just for fun, then pad is fine.

I’m confused. A controller = pad.

Save now, stick with standard pad… a different one wouldn’t do you much more good imo…for now you can still learn how to play… you won’t be any better with stick than you were without it if you don’t know how to play, there is plenty that you can still execute on a pad(I know from experience)…

Get a stick

read the stickies

lol at these posts, the man said he can’t afford it right now… when he can I would suggest it but until then save up and use a pad…

Eh, use a regular pad as opposed to the SF4 pads, that way you can save up for a stick. Pay attention to some of the streams or eventhubs or here, there are sometimes codes you can use a certain websites for discounts. A good quality stick (plus replacement stick & buttons) you can probably pick up for $60–as much as console controllers cost separately, but you have to aware and probably compromise on some areas. The best sticks will run about 120 - 160 dollars, and these you want have to mod at first (unless you want to).


I can’t imagine myself using a fightpad over a ps3 controller,but thats because i can’t use dpads. My friend also brought his over once and the batteries were dead, and he said it didnt have a usb hookup (is this right?) Eeeek.

It depends on what you’re playing on. If you’re playing on PS3 than you’d probably be good just sticking with a PS3 controller. If you’re playing on 360 I can imagine that controller is a bit harder to use well and I would say get a fightpad.

Sticks are always an option too, and if you’ve never tried one I’d say save up and give it a go. Who knows, you could find you like it better.

You would be paying like 40-50 bucks for a fightpad and you can buy a Madcatz SE stick for like 30-40 bucks online used or new if you search hard enough. Then all you would need to do is save up for some Sanwa parts.

Pad Fei Long?

Lol inthul said in an interview “Don’t practice with pro’s, once they figure you out you’re done. Just make sure you practice with a small group of people and pull out all your tricks when it comes down to the wire.”

While it’s his business what he does, I think it’s stupid that it’s not really leveling up gameplay but keeping it at a gimmicky level. Jwong said before that he went against inthul and beat him 5-0 and Jwong knows the match up.

Do what feels right for you basically. It may be harder to win competitively with a pad but it can be done with enough hard work and effort. Some characters can be played easily with a pad as well like Fei Long if that is what you want to do. If you want a decent stick just save up for up for it for now that way you get your stick faster so you can compare the 2 and see which 1 fits you better. Once you find the method that fits you the best you will excel in tournaments even if you were using a pad if that is what you choose to use.

Ehhh, Shizza is a pad player, his team got first @ NCR, and he got 5th in singles with Chun. Vance is a pad gief who did well at that tournament too. Wolfkrone is a good pad Viper. There chars are not as uncommon as Fei Long. Inthul has played/praticed against the pros. He’s been at previous tournaments. Yes, there are certain gimmicks and shenanigans he gets away with because other players aren’t too familiar with the match-up, but it’s like his entire game amounts to that. Wong also beat AndyOCR 5 zip this past weekend, so trying to make a point off someone losing to Justin like that is moot.

Not trying to say the fact that it was Wong, more the fact that it was somebody that knew the matchup.

Save up and buy a stick. Buying another pad is would be like putting lipstick on a pig. Changed the look but that’s all it changed :lol: