Should I even bother? (Clash '06 MvC 2 final vid)

…I was wondering if anyone is still interested in the video from this year’s Clash Marvel 2 vid?

I’ve come a bit busy… so I was wondering if people still were interested in this…


Put it up. I would like to see it.


outta 70 people only 9 voted… that’s pretty bad…

…so I take it the others don’t want to see this vid…

PLZ vote!

even if you don’t want to watch it… there are options for all… or did I miss somethin…



wasn’t this already released? i remember hosting it for a couple months

let’s see the loser’s bracket matches

You should definitely put the matches up.

when did this trend start??

I feel like I’m on a porn site and someone is threatening to take down the boobies rapidshare unless he gets X number of replies in his thread.

ROFL @ this cat!

Dude what are you talking about?
Nothing is free! try editing for a week, then talk to me!
Not that I feel like I have to explain my self… but I just wanted to see if there was a demand for this video still? …cause if not I was just gonna cease project.

Sigley- Yeah, you had hosted the video of the Grand Finals that Phi gave you.
This is the the winners plus the whole loser’s(with the finals).

Everybody else… I’ll release it as soon as it’s done!..
…soon, hopefully!..


It was a joke.

Regardless, people will d/l it. I didn’t realize it was a big project though I thought you were just holdin’ out :sweat:


cv needs this vid again
rsigly took it off his webspace :confused:


…to the 3 people so far that have voted “Hell Nahh!”… I would like to know what it was that you didn’t like about the 1st video. This is really what I wanna know. I need the feed back so I can try and make it better.

What was it that you didn’t like?
'Camon… speak up!

to the people that voted “WTF are you talking about”… you guys can ask questions, as far as what it is that you don’t understand.

I don’t understand what you mean, unless your planning something really special it’ll probably take longer to reply to this thread than to finish the vid. It’s an awkward request,
good vid > any vid > no vid.

Also link me to the first vid and i’ll see if there’s anything i see wrong with it.

I think Preppy was hosting it on his marvel 2 page.

I wouldlove to see it. I also don’t care for edition. If you want to make somethig cool, more props to you. But anything in any format will be pretty good.

get to it homie…lol

Everything I’ve ever put up is on the hub (or Soulseek these days) for you. :smile:

I get ~1000 downloads for the average video I put up, and you’ll see like two comments per “release” in “my” thread. shrug

Videos are good stuff and they entertain people, but people generally aren’t very good about letting you know they appreciate it. It doesn’t bother me (I feel the <3 regardless), but I can see how it kind of sucks to put stuff out and be met with stony silence. =\

So anyways, yeah: I’ve appreciated what you’ve done. :tup:

id like to see it

Fuck Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!

We Want Vids!!! We Want Vids God Damn It!!!

Hellz yea, release teh vids!