Should I be intimindated by attempting a mod on switching gates?

I have NO prior history of modding any controllers, the most I ever modded was…well absolutely nothing, I might have changed the color of my laces on my kicks back in 86 but thats about it…

I want a octagon gate, I got a square gate, is this a hard mod, do I need to solder anything? What is the chance of me completly ruining the controller in the process being I’m a noob?

No one sells Octagon Gate Arcade Sticks stock huh?

Thanks for the help guys

If you’re switching from a Sanwa JLF square gate to an octagonal, it’s really easy. Just press on the 4 tabs to loosen the square gate and then snap in the octagonal. No soldering required. Lizard Lick sells octagonal gates, under the arcade parts -> joystick section.

Ok thanks alot

^ Yup, no problem.