Should fighting game be my hobby?

I played fighting game for quite a while and I alway wanted to get involved in the fighting game communauty,but I lack the general skill for this style of game.I know pratice is the way to get better,but I don’t think I have the will spend hour praticing.The main problem here is that I need to choose between two time consuming hobby ( the other one be miniature painting).

So my question is should I start really praticing my skill and get serious whit fighting game,or I should I forget about it and get back to my second hobby?I personally prefer fighting game but I can’t even do a right side DP(I am that bad).

Excuse my bad english.

How are we supposed to know? Won’t it become (or not) a hobby by itself if the interest (or lack thereof) is there?

That said, there’s no such thing as “lacking general skill”. You can develop any skill as long as you’re a normal, properly functioning human being. It just takes time. Unless you’re missing an arm or something, you should be able to improve on fighters if you practice. So don’t get discouraged from getting into them because it seems like “you’ll never be good”.

This is really one of those questions that only you can give the answer to. If you enjoy it, keep playing, if you don’t, stop, but don’t bother us with your petty dilemma’s.

Why not both?

Just how often do you spend painting mini’s? I paint mini’s too, and even play with them mainly warhammer, 40K, and Blood bowl, and I still have plenty of time to scrub it up on a fighting games.

Play or don’t. If you do, you’ll get better. If not, you won’t.

As for now,I am not painting a lot.The problem here is I am going to school and it going to take a lot of my time,and I am stun that you have enough time to do both.Maybe that what i should do,painting and game.I know how long painting is,but how long before someone get decent in a fighting game?

Take up the hobby of cooking crystal meth. It will occupy your time and make you money, how is that not perfect?

before i read anything. fuck fighting games. at least you can make money off of miniature painting shit. dont waste your time. its not that serious. just enjoy it for what it is, and check out a tournament or two, especially evo, once a year.

ask yourself this: do you mind losing countless amounts of money because a player who is as good as Daigo or Justin Wong shows up to the tournament?

if you can answer yes to this question, stop playing now
if you can answer no to this question, stop playing now

if you can come up with a more arrogant answer, ie. Who says Justin Wong and Daigo will beat me?, continue or I’ll slit your throat

This ^

If I had prem, i’d plus rep you.

2 Different routes for people with lives who don’t want to venture out to arcades 100s of miles away
route 1:

  1. get a Ps3/Xbox 360, or Wii…
  2. get a Fighting game with a big online

route 2:

  1. have a computer with super fast internet and a good graphics card
  2. Download MAME and the GGPO client or go to 2DFighter
  3. Should you have an SNES emulater the ZSNES has online service and you can face people in SNES fighting games like Tournament Fighters, Super Street Fighter 2, GUndam Wing Battle, Dragonball Z

You don’t necessarily need to be on the Level of tournament players like Daigo.
Guys like JWong and MArn give the community a bad rep of being egotistical jerks that think them playing a certain fighting games makes a fighting game important. It doesn’t help that they have a bunch of nut huggers online who’ll go after you should you say something like that.

Here’s the thing, Video games are supposed to be fun, don’t take shit so seriously. Do you’re jumping fierce kick->Low Sweep combo…

If I were you, I would split my personality…

In the day time, I would be “[insert your name here], the cool friendly and nice lad” and invite friends to my home to play fighting games socially, and have fun!

…and at night, when all the friends are gone, I would become “The insane Professor Panzershrek”, lock myself down the basement, and paint minatures while plotting on how to take over the world.

Split personality is always the way to go.

I am Jack’s psychic dp.

Like many others have mentioned before: do what’s fun.

I’m going to disagree with many others here and suggest you do what is not fun.

You should start making clay impressions of your dick and selling them to lonely old ladies.

If you are having fun keep at it. What else can we tell you. It sounds like you need to learn how to tell if your enjoy something before you go around deciding on hobbies.

u could always go to tournaments and do animal paintings on people’s faces, that way you can do both…or you’ll jus be standing around as a clown at a fighting game tournament…

Its much cheaper to play tekken !

No don’t play them.

That could get boring after a while too, though, because it would probably just be a whole line-up of players who all want their faces painted as the exact same thing: “Tiger,” “Tiger,” “Tiger,” “Tiger.”