Should capcom make a new fighter with fatalities?

be as blunt as you want but while the MK series started the trend crapc-- capcom does lag behind in their finishers, just not as gruesome or absurdly overkill like. i would like to see this done.

Hell no…

You can’t just slap in over the top and grusome “finishers” in a game. Aesthetics and the overall theme of the game have to match. Capcom doesn’t make gritty and realistic fighting games so I’m sure we’ll never see it from them which is good, imo.

Hey FGD mods…

You guys are doing a bang-up job moderating this forum… I’m so glad that threads like this are allowed to go up, so that we may see that SRK is welcoming of all kinds of gamers, from the hardest of hardcore competitors, to even the mentally challenged.

The FGC is truly a melting pot… :coffee:

Are you calling him hardest of hardcore? That’s how I read it, since we already have you filling out that last role.

@Ruffluv : Don’t make wishlist and/or poll threads. Beyond that, this particular topic was played out in 1992.