Shots fired? French Bread's April Fools joke

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Defeat your opponent with the power of money!

Introducing the revolutionary [S]gem[/S] INP system!
With INP points you can purchase many cool things like full screen jabs, easy input, healing items, hire mercenaries, erase embarrassing loses from your rankings, and even get your very own in-game pet!

It also introduces achievements!
Such as: “Play 100 games with only female characters” and “Play for a whole year 1 hour every day”

Thank you French Bread for saving fighting games and bringing them to the 21th century!

Now if they made a melty release that matters outside of Arcades, maybe the fighting community would care!

You Forgot “black panties which will not be shown in-game” and counter win, and counter counter win, and counter counter counter win, and counter counter counter counter win, and counter counter counter counter counter win.

I love French Bread, but I don’t know WHAT THE FUCK is going on with Under Night In Birth.

Have you seen the round starts?

That’s pretty funny, good to know they can takes the piss out of stuff like gems so much, hopefully means they aren’t likely to do anything like it themselves.

capcom and akys would be all over this

The funnier joke is that no one will be playing that game.


You mean no one in america, because it’s an arcade game and it doesn’t have a comeback mechanic.

Needs XF or autocombos for me to care :sunglasses:

KoF games were played though.
Well, whatever.
Even if it had US release, people would be crying over the gem nobody pays attention to while the ythemselves do not play it.