Shoryuken's Tips For Safe Transactions/NEW TIPS!/PLEASE READ!

If you conduct transactions over the Internet try to cover yourself. Keep track of all correspondence!

Buyers should keep a record of their payment whether it’s a copy of a money order or a PayPal email (Save the original email along with all of it’s headers). Make sure it has the seller’s name on it.

Sellers should use a traceable method of shipment and remember to write the buyer’s address on it.

Stay away from sellers requesting payments through Western Union. You do not get any form of protection from them if you’ve been defrauded.

Be wary of a member that has just become one that day or a few days before and is selling something.

Make sure your contact information in your profile is up to date.

Goods For Sale:

Put “FS” in caps at the beginning of the subject, followed by a : and a descriptive name of what you are selling. Make sure to describe what you have, the condition, your location, the price, and what the terms of sale and shipping will be. If you attach a picture, it would help your chances of a sale. All items must have an asking price & it must appear within the post itself. Threads without this information will be removed without prior warning.

Goods Wanted:

Put “WTT” or “WTB” in caps at the beginning of the subject, followed by a : and a descriptive name of what you are looking for. Make sure to describe what you are looking for, the condition you are willing to accept, your location, and the price range you would pay.

No thread crapping, I have the same game or system, That price is to high, any flames or attempts to demean the seller or the item. A Moderator will remove the offensive post & a warning will be issued. PM the person that started the thread if you have something to say to them or a suggestion that should not be made public.

If and when you sell your item(s) please post in your Thread or notify a Moderator so the thread can be closed. Under no circumstances may anybody but the seller post an item as “Sold”.

Remember to always leave User Feedback after a transaction. Good or bad let others Members know how your experience was. Here is a direct link:

Once your transaction is complete, please post a message noting it inside your thread or PM me.

All Trading Post Threads older than fifteen days are purged from the system and removed from the server. (15 days from last post.) If you want a copy of the transaction or your photos for your files, make copies for yourself. Once they are gone they can not be retrieved. Also, if a thread has seen no activity, ie: posts and has a low view count, it may be removed.

Once your item has changed hands please post in the thread that it has done so, or PM me, so that the thread can be deleted.

eBay Links Here At SRK:

We have decided to allow links to eBay for sales of items. This is on a trial basis to see how it goes. We ask that you only link to one item sale at a time. NO MULTIPLE LISTINGS.

These all need to be in The Trading Outlet & only The Trading Outlet. Also, please use this format for the title: FS: (Item) /eBay Sale That makes it easy for someone to identify it.

Remember, If something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.