How meny frames does the Shoryuken have? Is it different from Ken to Ryu? And is CvS2 60 frames a sec or 30 (or whatever)?

60 frames a sec, and i beleve that shoryuken has 2 frames of invincibility, but i’m sure someone else will know that for sure.

Wow. I thought it was 18. It has to be more then 2 though (not trying to rag). If I can shoryuken though a shinkuu hadouken, then i think is more then 2. I just want to be sure

oops, meant 20

I think its 2 frame startup for Ken, and 3 for Ryu. Or at least I think.

damn i need that frame data book back. those basterds

Ryu’s has 4 start up, 8 frames of invul.

Ken’s has 2 start up, 6 frames invul.

Akuma’s has 2 start up, 8 frames invul.

Sagat’s has 3 start up, 7 frames invul.

CvS2 is 60 frames/second.