The most retarded move ever made in the history of fighting games.


  1. Invincibility without the use of meter

  2. Ridiculously long active frames on all versions

  3. Insane priority, stuffs/trades with pretty much everything, ultras, super, ex and normals

  4. Very odd aerial trajectory depending on the version used, making it sometimes hard to punish on block and often very risky to try and punish with ultras that changes your own characters direction etc. because if the timing isn’t perfect your opponent will simply just throw another srk.

  5. Armor breaking properties due to several hits

  6. Deals chip damage

  7. Player can never get freely chipped on wakeup

  8. Because of invincibility it beats ALL kinds of grabs, including some anti-air ultras if not timed perfectly.

  9. Shoryuken is the perfect mixup/reset/oki deterrent

  10. With 1-9 in mind, shoryuken is all you need as a offensive/defensive move, it’s the natural Anti Air, anti FA, chip damage, beats grabs/resets etc. depending on version it can also catch backdashes.

If you would WANT to make a fighting game, more specifically, a certain pair of characters extremely easily played, this would be the skill to implement them with, if you ever get knocked down, just throw ashoryuken or block.

These facts make your rookie to average shoryuken character player deadly right off the bat, their opponents won’t dare try anything except blocking/baiting and poking to win against you.

You have mentally already lost,

to shoryuken. /end of rant

If you have any thoughts please share and if you think I’m being completely off the track with my thoughts about shoryuken please explain why :slight_smile:

Bottomline shoryuken wouldn’t be a problem if EVERY character had a similar move with the top tier invincibility genetics.

But you if you’re blocking you can fully punish it…

Thanks for the laugh.

Srk is not that good. All it does is keep you honest, and if they dont stay honest while using it then you can punish for big damage. Simple.

If your opponent is doing nothing,but random shoryukens then there’s no reason for you to not be figuring out a way to punish on block. Some character’s jab srk can be hard to punish online,but if they’re doing any srk that’s stronger than the jab version then you’re missing out on taking advantage of one of the most punishable moves in the history of fighting games. Hell,you should be getting a free ultra off of a blocked/wiffed fp.srk.

Man, you must be from 2009.
Let me welcome you to 2012, where everyone and their mama can punish Shoryu’s.

Except shoryuken recovers exceptionally fast, making most players opting to not punish because of how hard it is to tell wether he might throw out another in time or not, assuming he doesnt hp srk everytime leaving him open in the air.

You don’t have to wait until they hit the ground, you can hit them in mid-air as long as you’re blocking during the start up frames.

If all they are doing is shoryukens you could just predict the next one and throw before they get the chance to.

Just set up a dummy in training mode then practice blocking and punishing it’s srk. You should at least be getting a free sweep off of a blocked srk.

fyi. I only play online and 90% of my matches I play with dudley, his one good poke happens to be his slowest often getting caught in a second shoryuken :frowning:

I have never seriously played a shoto because they are too damn easy, it’s like a whole other game were you ain’t free as fuck on every wakeup often losing after the first knockdown because of no meterless invincibility


Pick a shoto, mash dps and see how far you get, even online.

You’re seriously punishing dps with s.hp or f.hp?

You do sound scrubby, but dp fadc is actually really annoying and something to get pissed off about, especially when dp fadc ultra does like 500 damage :frowning:

If they space it right dudley has nothing else with enough reach, walking up and grabbing is equal to eating another shoryuken.

The reason I never seriously played a shoto was because all you have to do is either going for DP or tick throws, with a shoto holding b+ rank isn’t even difficult, with a character without the meterless invincibility it’s hell of alot harder. Fyi I never mash anything because dudley has semi circles, not mash friendly quarters :wink:

So far 1 person has commented on the actual thread material, about shoryuken, not solely the player often losing to srk “happy” shotos.

No you can’t space dps right to be unpunishable lol this isn’t st.

Because nobody agrees with your points and invincible moves have been a staple in street fighter since the first incarnation. May i add they pale in comparison to sf1 (heh) and sf2 dps.

You can’t do st roundhouse into ex machine gun blow? Cr. strong into strong machine gun blow? Regular st fierce for far distances? These are incredibly easy to do after a blocked jab shoryu so you shouldn’t complain.
Also you’re seventh point is true for some dp’s, ( out of all of their dp’s only ex for ryu and ken can make it through a regular fireball) however would you rather take the chip damage from a regular fireball or launch you’re self so high in the air that you can get punished from pretty much fullscreen by a shotos sweep. ( which leads to them getting pressure going)

“nobody” Don’t get all butthurt, this thread has been up for 30 minutes and all the white knighting shotos have already run up to defend the legendary dragon punch :>

Of course nobody playing a shoto would agree with these arguments, shoryuken is the number one move in their set for pretty much everything.

Any time a religion/god thread comes up on SRK in the future, this thread will be used by atheists to prove the negative.

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Go into training mode. Record Ryu spamming SRK. Play this back and work out your best punishers on both whiff and block. Then try it in the corner, at mid screen and various other spaces.