Shoryuken with Option Select FADC

I think I never posted in these Seth forums, but I was just messing with him in practice mode a bit and found something interesting.

So, all of Seth’s Shoryukens (the first input) hit once if the opponent is hit, but will actually hit twice if the opponent blocked it. Then, I played around with it a bit and found an option select that will follow through on the two follow ups of the Shoryuken if you get a hit or FADC forward (or backward if you want) if the Shoryuken is blocked.

The input is:
:dp:+:hp:, (slight delay) :dp::r:+:mp:+:mk:, :r:+:hp:

If done correctly, the whole Shoryuken will come out and connect if it hits, or you will FADC forward after the two hits of the first part of the Shoryuken is blocked. It’s basically an option select automatic hit confirm. :smiley:

If it is blocked and you FADC only after one of the hits from the first Shoryuken, you must delay it more, hence that note of “slight delay” I wrote up there.

There is one situation where you have to adjust a bit. And this is if your opponent charges up a focus attack. He will absorb the first hit, then get hit by the second, and you will FADC forward. But it’s no biggy; there is more than enough time to be able to react and get your head stomps.

And if the Shoryuken hits, continue pressure with this knockdown. Take a slight step back and then do a dive kick to hit in the front or jumping roundhouse to hit cross up.

Caution: There is one bigggg warning though. The second hit of the blocked Shoryuken can only be FADC’ed if you are very close. Like if you wanna test it out a bit, set the dummy to be a crouching Ryu with all guard. Go point blank to him and do a crouching jab and then do a Shoryuken and FADC the second hit. Now, go point blank again and do two crouching jabs and try the Shoryuken. That is the range where you can’t FADC the second hit.
So, only do this option select when you are very, veryyyyyy close to your opponent.

Here is a video thanks to HawkinsT:

Ignore the triple dash; he just wanted to connect the EX tanden. You can easily distinguish the two situations of hit/blocked and react accordingly.

I swear I just talked to someone about this that hit me up on AIM.

Good shit for coming out of lurking and popping in with some knowledge. Welcome to the S.I.N.dustry :smiley:

I consider all my Seth brothers a part of the S.I.N.dustry! :smiley:

Ehm…Sagat av, something about a Sagat bible in his sig…i don’t think this guy is part of the Seth army dude =P

@OP Thanks for the info, i’ll try it out in training today =D

Hhaha, no problem guys. :smiley: Tell me how it goes.

And the input I gave is just a sample. There are many possible ways to do it with the shortcuts. :smiley:

For example, you don’t have to add that :r: during the focus attack part; you can just do :dp:+:mp:+:mk: but then now you have to go back to neutral before doing the :r:+:hp:.

Oh, and that last :hp: can be any :p:.

And just to have a super shortcut way:
:df::d::df:+:hp: (hold at :df: and delay for a bit) :d::df:+:mp:+:mk: (go to neutral) :r:+:p: (any punch)

Being a big fan of the dp xx fadc, this is amazing, and to think I was considering his two hit on block srk a nerf until now. Thanks for sharing! =)

Edit: Hmm, having said that there’s no reset after dp doing this, so maybe not as useful as I was first thinking, but still good for ex srk.

Edit2: Did a recording of it for people - [media=youtube]3bqaAvOGyBc[/media]

@Richard Nguyen

You sir, are truly a genius AND a very generous person for sharing this information. This is definitely going into my arsenal. Can’t thank you enough!

Mid-screen dp > FADC > 3x > BNB iN Yo FaCe!!! Blocked Oh really!? dp > FADC > SPD hah!


Great stuff! Can always count on Hawkins for proof on things like this for us people who learn better by example rather than instruction.

If dashing 3 times is part of the OS, it’s kinda pointless.

The knockdown after Shoryuken is pretty good. Like you can walk back a tiny bit and then dive kick to hit in the front or jumping roundhouse to cross up. And both can beat wake up Shoryukens if done properly. I actually try to go for Shoryuken instead of lightning legs whenever I get a chance to, just because of the better knockdown it grants. And this OS will allow you to do random Shoryukens and not waste meter if it hits to get that free knockdown. It’s pretty awesome. :bgrin:
And thanks for the video. :karate:

If the Shoryuken hit, the FADC should not come out. The option select will automatically continue with the two follow ups of it and then you should put pressure with the options I put above. And you’re welcome. :tup:

The video just showed a triple dash because he wanted to do the EX tanden. Just do a regular srk and then do a dive kick/jumping roundhouse mix up.

Good going on finding it out. I won’t be using it though. I like my meter wasting.

Yeah, I wont really be using this, but it’s nice to know. SRK fadc Stomps > Divekick is good anyways.

Oh right! I don’t why I typed that in there. BnB reflex i guess lol

Hey, so it’s been like more than two months since I made this OS, and I have actually been seeing Hiropon doing it recently. Here’s an example at 2:10:

[media=youtube]GG5ghJcqiu4#t=2m7s]YouTube - HIROPON309 [Seth] vs spartanx0920 [Guy[/media]

There were some other videos of him doing it also but yeah, I just thought it was cool to see someone doing it in a match. :karate: I wonder if he (or any other Japanese person) saw this thread. :rofl: Or it could just be that they are smart enough to figure it for themselves. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s used a fair amount by Ryu players now. Sorry, but I doubt many japanese read srk =).