Shoryuken IP Theft

Hi, I’m from, a Philippines-based esports journal.

Shoryuken’s article here:

Is using, without permission, our image here:

Our attempts to bring this to the attention of someone from Shoryuken are either being deleted or ignored. Just trying to protect our IP here.

So, anyone from Shoryuken?

@d3v would be the person you’d have to reach.

d3v stole an image taken at the tournament he organizes?

UPDATE: The image has been changed.

@Pertho regardless, we own the specific photo, and our watermark was deliberately cropped out. Also many local people involved in Manila Cup 2017 have told us that d3v’s claims of being the organizer are exaggerated. Just saying.

I’m not trying to argue anything, just a weird situation.

That second part, eh?

Problem appears to be solved: closing thread.

Please note that the forums are functionally entirely separate from the Front Page OP had a concern about. I don’t know much about those workings either. Hitting up the author sounds like the right thing to do.