Podcast Episode 2 - featuring Inkblot

Hosts Keits and skisonic finish their interview with Tom “Inkblot” Cannon, owner of and one of Evolution2k’s four horsemen. Topics include the new SRK, and Evo2k10. Enjoy the show!

I am really enjoying the SRK podcasts. Both very engaging so far, and it is great to be able to look forward to it weekly.

The part about Florida made me shed a tear though :crybaby:
Need to get training and make Evo2010 all FL top 8 a reality.

inkblots remarks on the game lineup left more questions than answers.

good stuff though

When you guys do record that tournament travel tips episode, pleeeease call it “Go For Broke.”

I like it :tup:

be sure to detail the proper route/ planning schedule if you plan to go by greyhound bus

Good episode. I liked that it was a bit longer. :tup:

And man, now I’m more curious about the Evo lineup than ever.

I think a good length for a podcast is about an hour.A half hour podcast is too short for something as in depth as fighting games.I like to listen to Podcasts whilst I have long periods of time to do nothing like when I’m traveling or before I fall asleep in bed.

I suggest listening to the podcast bi-weekly, and taking in two episodes back to back if you prefer hour long episodes. For now, the format will remain as close to 30 minutes as possible.

Well, they kind of already announced that they will be using Super Street Fighter 4, not just Street Fighter 4, so we have one game in there for sure. I’m probably alone in this, but I hope CvS2 is the game no one would guess, since they’ve said countless times how they will never bring it back.