Shorty ls56

Essentially, ls56 with the ls33 shaft. I like the ls33 very much but i’m curious as to what the ls56’s dampened-pivot would feel like with that short shaft and its affect (presumably positive) on deflection. the ls33 suffers greatly from it. Stiffness would be a big issue and no conventional joystick springs interchange. I guess I could try an old car trick. cut a coil! or compress it, I guess. Heat?

Currently, a jlf spring is stiff enough to prevent deflection but still loose enough for me. (maybe a touch looser would be perfect) Waiting on some ls55 springs to arrive.

Here’s the one thing I don’t get. How is it that y’all can stand doubled up springs? they bind! Eff that!

I have triple springs in my JLFs and if you put them in correctly it doesn’t bind. As long as the springs are the correct sizes. I also have LS-56s with double springs.

I have tried putting a LS-33 shaft in an LS-56-01. It will fit and you can put it together, but with the LS-33 shaft to me felt that there was way too much resistance. It was unusable. I think that an LS-55 spring in a LS-33 should do the trick.