Shortage of TEs, what are my other options?

Arcade-In-A-Box looks like my only other option for a Sanwa stick, is there anything else I can get to get a good, all Sanwa stick for SF4’s release?

HRAP SA line or HRAP and just get Sanwa buttons and plug them in yourself.

no need to panic yet though. Seems like everyone is freaking out because Amazon and GS stopped taking pre-orders.

we don’t know what the situation is just yet.

yeah, the sticks haven’t even been released yet. Wait until they are before you start bitching and moaning about it.

I’ll sell you my extra when I get it for 300 dolllllaaaaarrrrsssss!111

Just wait dude, your local shop might have some. Mine had anniversary sticks for about 9 months after the game came out.

According to several sources based on CES 2009 reports.

It’s been stated that they are coming out with 3000 initially , not that doesn’t say that there will be more created to meet the demand on sales.

But by any indication aftermarket value for the Tournament Edition stick is going to likely skyrocket and prices will be quite ridiculous by resellers on ebay and other reseller websites such as marketplace.

When places start stopping taking pre-orders it usually most of the time means that pre-orders for the item have closed. (They can always re-open if they confirm they have additional quantity in stock to meet extra pre-orders)

But unlike the Street Fighter Anniversary sticks, these things are made with the same care and consideration (Common ground, quick disconnects, labeled terminal strip, highly customizable, easy button replacement) as a Custom.

It’s either try to buy one now at it’s retail price, or likely get price raped by some guy trying to make a profit when the product is scarce and highly sought after.

Yeah I figured. I preordered an HRAPEX and I’ll cancel if things start lookin good. I’ll live without Sanwa buttons for 2-3 weeks.

Edit: I have 150 dollars, if that will garuntee me the stick, I guess.

Why not order at Lizard Lick?

They are located in East Coast US, so you should get it reliably faster then ordering from Gamestop…(Amazon being an exception as the major distrubtion warehouse is located in Delaware which is like next door to Pennsylvania and New Jersey)

didn’t they stop taking preorders also?

I’d always order from Lizard Lick personally.

Personally what I’d do if I were you and I’ll be doing this (I already preordered a TE though) is getting the regular stick and then just swapping all Sanwa parts in it, I’m pretty sure I read here that someone said you can just swap out the buttons and there’s enough room for a Sanwa stick in the regular edition. That’d be way cheaper then Hori and you still get a close Viewlix layout.

can someone confirm that though? ive only heard that from hearsay.

Wow, didn’t realize pulled it . . . I just put my pre-order in for two sticks YESTERDAY and now it’s no longer on the site. Wow.

Just to be 100% sure, I went to a brick & mortar Gamestop today and they were still taking reservations for the stick (reserved a pair there as well).

If I were you, I would call around and find a Gamestop that’s still taking preorders.

Edit: yeah, just checked my order and it says “backordered”. Guess the B&M store is my only hope. Hope it works out!

Just buy a stock SF4 stick and mod it. You’ll save about 20 dollars anyway.

Arcade-in-A-Box is hardly your only other choice. There are like a dozen other people who will build you a stick. Just look at all the threads in the trading outlet or make one of your own and name your price and specifications.


The non-TE SF4 Arcade controller by Madcatz is as mod-friendly as the HRAP, right? If so, I can’t really recommend the TE version unless money is largely a non-issue.

Why don’t you ask one of the custom builders from the trading outlet. (You definitely want to ask one of the more reliable builders, because there’s a few that are shaddy…) Finkle is a trusted and very good builder btw.

Or you could just buy the cheaper SF4 stick and do the mods yourself.

effing gamestop…

The stick in the regular SFIV is not a Sanwa, right?

It would still come out cheaper to get the regular SFIV stick and mod it with a new stick and buttons.

I couldn’t wait so I got a HRAP3 and I should be getting my Seimitsu buttons tomorrow. :lovin:

They canceled preorders for the actually store too, or just online?

i think its only online