Short, short > super help (3S)

I have a hard time performing this with any character that use it (Shotos, Dudley, etc.). I can do it, but is there a reliable way of pulling it off? I usually grind out a QCFx2 motion in the bottom corner of the gate (square) during the short short, but I find that I end up doing a SRK or some other move all too often…

I especially need help with short, jab, short > super. When do you start the motions for the super so it doesn’t come out too early?

Appreciate the help.

Theres a little trick i use when i short short super but im not sure if it’ll really help. I usually just do it straight up. Hit cr.short cr.short and confirm off that and if they hit do the next part. For the qcfx2 i do a mini circle in the corner of the stick with it ending in forward then hit the button. I find it a bit easier to do than qcf change direction go back to down then another qcf.

You can start the motion for the super as soon as you hit the 2nd short.

When i’m ready to Super (c.LK -> c.LK xx Super or c.LK -> c.LP -> c.LK xx Super) what I do is buffer the motion in between my shorts and/or jab. It takes speed and practice, but if you can do it this way it makes it easier to hit confirm and it’s guaranteed that the super doesn’t come out late and get blocked (like what can happen sometimes if you were trying to just mash out the super after the combo because you mashed it out too late). So anyway, what I mean by buffer the motion is like this:

Hold crouch and then hit c.LK, as soon as you hit that first c.LK then slide your stick (or finger if you’re on a controller) from down to forward to down and then hit the 2nd c.LK, after your 2nd c.LK then all you have left to do is to slide your stick from down to forward again (fireball motion) and hit Punch or Kick (depending on your character) to activate the Super. If your combo is blocked then just don’t hit the final Punch or Kick, so that you don’t waste your meter.

Same as above when it comes to the c.LK -> c.LP -> c.LK xx Super combo except you don’t wanna start the motions (buffering) until after you hit the c.LP. So it would be like… Hold crouch (down) and then hit c.LK -> c.LP, as soon as you hit c.LP then slide your stick from down to forward to down and then hit c.LK, after the c.LK then all you have left to do is to slide your stick from down to forward again (fireball motion) and hit Punch or Kick (depending on your character) to activate the Super.

That’s how I do it, I hope that helps. It does take practice, but when you get it down it makes things a lot easier. :tup:


You just have to keep practicing it man. And 3s is like the easiest of any street fighter to do this in.

do the second short like u would do low forward fireball. so, low short-fireball with short-fireball with short=short short super.
u usually want to buffer the super with the last normal before the super. also try buffering low forward super outside your opponents max poke range. so say you are playing against ryu and he is always poking u with low forward fireball, stay just outside the range of his low forward and do the motion for low forward super. if he does nothing u low forward. if he does a low forward you get low forward super. be careful though this works both ways. if he has super he can do the same to you.

:d:+:lk:, :df:,:r:, :d:+:lk:, :df:,:r:+ :k:

i prefer buffering the whole motion after short short. its very possible and i think its better than buffer during the shorts in the long run (cause you’ll be doing short short, short jab short, and jab short short all the same way). keep practicing it to improve hand dexterity. if you are getting an uppercut it sounds like you are not completing the motion so focus on doing a more graceful, complete motion instead of grinding it out

The main problem with the method that Tanner listed is that you can possibly accidentally cause the super to come out when you don’t want due to negative edge.
The way I do short short super in 3S with Ken is just start the QCFx2 motion with the 2nd short (or whatever short you want to cancel in a chain) and then if it hits just piano all the kick buttons.
With Dudley though I think the window to cancel his short is a little smaller than Ken so its a bit trickier. For Dudley I use the method that Tanner showed as that’s the only way I’ve been able to get Dudley’s short short super.

You’re probably right. When I first started using the method I posted above I’d accidentally super after the first short a LOT, which defeated the purpose of the combo which is to hit confirm. Took a while before I was landing it consistently. If you are fast enough to xx super then you are fast enough to buffer the entire super motion after the second short. It’s just habit for me now to do it the way I posted above

I think you’ll end up spending more time practicing short cuts/ buffering than just doing it straight up.

Do Tanner’s method, but hold the short on the second one and use MK / HK to get the super. This way negative edge wont fuck with you.