Short kick(s), throw problems

I keep losing to people (shotos, Ibuki, Cammy) using repeated short kicks to lock me down. If I just keep blocking them, they throw me. I try to use my focus, but it doesn’t seem to work against this for me. I also try to tech the throw, but can never guess when they are going to do it. Any tips would be helpful.

If they keep doing it on your wake up predictably, do an invincible reversal. Get 'em off you and give them something to think about.

When they’re kicking you, stay alert for the moment they stop and walk up to throw you. Don’t guess, react. People will have their own patterns in how they go for a throw, so try and adapt to them.

In regards to what Airlancer said, you cannot react to throws, it is IMPOSSIBLE. Like he said you are anticipating a throw based on if they walk forward after you having blocked a few of their attacks.
At point blank if the opponent presses 2 light attacks they can still throw you without actually walking forward, so in this instance you cannot react to the walk forward, which is where crouchteching becomes usefull.

What you need to learn is the crouchtech. Crouchteching is done with, you press these two button while holding downback at the rythm the oppnent is performing their attack pattern. You are trying to press the crouchtech during their blockstun so no will come out and you’ll also tech any throw attempt. If your does come out it is because they left big enough of a gap in their attack pattern. This technique is not foulproof because if the opponent knows you are crouchteching the can go for counterhit setup…resulting in you eating big damage.

The more experience you’ll have the easier it is to recognize the attack patterns, for instance upclose you can expect fast light attack so you’ll press the crouchtech faster, and slower the further away they are.
If they press a certain normal you can then deduce what kind of followup attacks might be coming and therefore also recognize the speed at which you need to pres the crouch tech. Usually it is not a good idea to throw tech from further ranges as they cannot throw you unless they walk forward, so don’t needlessly expose yourself to counterhits from those ranges

*A crouchtech is an Option Select
*Below is a video illustrating option selects, it also shows the crouch tech technique.

*If you look up replays of players on YT you can see, if they showcase the inputs, that most players are doing the crouchtech while under pressure.
You can check out Yogaflame24 channel for videos.

If you are playing Cody, based on your avatar, you have one less option available unlike other characters, which is backdashing out of their pressure. Unfortunately your invincible reversals aren’t great either. EX CU can be thrown and EX Zonk you have to hold two buttons(preferably mp+hp) and cannot be mashed, making them difficult to use properly. However you shouold try to use them if they are insistent on not respecting you.
Doing a focus attack against their light attacks will not work as 2 light attacks will beat a focus, startup is too slow. Cody his backdash is even worse than normal combined with the focus attack.

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