Shop's Closed!

Thank you all for the business. :tup:

guitar fighter, awesome!

you know, i was wondering when you’d make a request thread, sas.

oh well, good luck with the thread! :tup:

Good luck and thanks for past avs man:tup:

Hey Sasmasta
i have a request for you
Premium animated(basically a sequence of still frames)

with these images in this order





  3. a frame with the words “I’m Indian,dammit”


I gotta request sooner or later.

Conjuring up some ideas.


I was originally going to have Gumz do this, but it seems he’s really busy.
I’ll have non-premium animated. Do whatever you want with the backround, but I want this animation in the front.

No rush!

Awesome work Sas, thanks so much and so quickly too


hey Sas can you use your Creativity to make something involving “basik teknik”? :sweat: I just want you to use your creativity. I really dont have any pics or sprites. Its all up to you.

-thanks in advance

Awesome! It’s perfect! Thanks!

if someone makes you an av you have to wear it for at least 2 weeks
i dunno if someone made you that one but just as a heads up

yes I know:wink:

oh and thanks sas

In before Shoo:

Full (and blinking/glowing) A-Groove Bar but it reads “SH Groove”

Thanks, Sam :rofl:



:mad: :mad:


ill request my k groove team

Copy cattin’ ass nigga.


Don’t fight guys!



I like both of them a lot actually. :wasted: I’ll switch back and forth.

Thanks, Sas. :tup:




I like it the only problem I have with it is the text. it doesnt stick out enough to me :sweat: no worries though ill rock that like its going out of style.:wgrin:
since you said youll give it another shot. I got something for you to run with this time,its a sprite of Kisuke Urahara from Bleach