Shooting Range Incident

So last Friday, me and my friend and this other douchebag was at the shooting range, using real guns and ammo outside.I practiced with mostly the glocks (glock 18, I know it from CoD). So my friend was using a 9mm Beretta and got distracted and turned around and accidently pointed it at one of my classmates from college, the douchebag.

Anyway, the dumbfuck tried to tackle my buddy, and they wrestled around on the ground for awhile and I broke it up. I told him to fuck off and that it wasn’t my buds fault that he almost got killed. He needs to stay away from us when we are shooting.

Dipshit was acting like the victim, he almost got killed because he didnt stay away. damn.

this one time, at band camp

Cool story, bro.

Your friend was in the wrong. He deserved to get his ass beat for not practicing muzzle discipline.

Keep that shit pointed down range, whether or not it’s loaded.

Yeah, your friend is an idiot for not knowing how to properly use a firearm at a range.

Quoted for emphasis. Getting close or standing 100 meters away doesn’t matter.

Don’t point guns at people you don’t intend to shoot.

I don’t care, you don’t mess wit the clique bruh. And stop nitpicking my friend. We all make mistakes sometimes.

dumbass. your friend’s also a dumbass for pointing the gun at someone. mistakes? the fucker could’ve killed someone.

You never aim down a pistol, loaded or unloaded, at someone unless you plan on defending yourself.

Can’t believe you guys are getting trolled by someone who joined less than 20 mins before making this thread

yeah, my sister almost shot me in the face at the shooting range being your normal limp-wristed 15 year old. i was trying to take a picture of her. but she stopped aiming like she didn’t have anymore bullets in the gun. as soon as the barrel pointed at my head i dropped the camera and hit the deck. :rofl: a couple of dudes looked at me weird until they saw what had happened. luckily the gun she using was too hard for her to pull the trigger with one finger so i guess i overreacted. better safe than sorry though. she was going off with the Luger though. damn, the Germans make good stuff.



RedD slowly emptied the last bit of gunpowder from the opened shells into his friend’s urethra. his friend’s member, engorged from the uncomfortableness of having his special hole stuffed with explosive material, as well as the sight of RedD’s long saggy breasts, began to leak beautiful pre-ejaculate all over the newly laid beige concrete of the shooting range. “hurry up! i don’t want too much of the powder to get soaked!” RedD’s friend exclaimed with tears of joy in his eyes. RedD slowly kissed his friend while he lit the match

pretty much.

My clique can beat up your clique bruh


It’s an Alpha Counter, plain and simple.

this clique?


Yeah, ya’ll niggas got trolled…

If this is false: you need to learn how to troll better.

If this is true: you’re an idiot, your friend’s an idiot, and neither of you should be allowed to operate firearms or motor vehicles, you stupid, stupid fucks.

Dr. B’s version of a power nap involves beating the shit out of five simultaneous tanks that ambush him in the middle of the night.

:rofl: How the hell do you keep it up? And why do you own a Luger? Aren’t those really expensive?

the outsiders rockin the fanny packs