Shoo's House - not really

so it begins!

also beside the ACE competetion* and attractive young men*
shoo has the raddest dog in the world

  • reference to gasp

So does this mean you’re inviting people over to play? =O

So what, you ain’t playing THREES no more, nigga?

fuck chun li.

hell yeah i still play,

just not as often considering none of my friends play alot

Well shit, I’m willing to test my might at CVS2. Get some Shaq-Fu up in this bitch.

my place can hold up to 6 people maybe.

im gonna try to arrange it so more people can fit better

possibly separating the tv’s, what do the regulars think about this?

*ps The heat problem will be resolved soon :lovin:


Shoo’s place is the best. He’s a nice guy and will welcome all with open arms.

So if you’re in the area, then please come down and support. There’s really not many places to play fighting games in the 562/323 (Southeast Los Angeles) area.

You live in Irvine? What games do you play?

Not at the moment. I will be back once school starts.

I play a little of everything.

Gotcha. Well hit me up during the school year if you want to play, I’m probably gonna be in Irvine unless I don’t find a job, in which case I’ll be moving back to Cerritos or Anaheim or something ;_;

Gotta get the Irvine scene cracking again.

hey i live in the 626 area, wanna play cvs2/vf5 (still learning this game) anytime soon?

btw im in the 626 and i play just about everything although im pretty terrible at mvc2 and i scrub it up at vf5

Fuck you Bean, you’ve never once asked if I wanted to play cvs2 :mad:

For sure.

I was talking to shoo earlier tonight and he mentioned something about having a little session on Sunday. Maybe he’ll update this thread with details soon.

Sundays seem to be the most popular day at my house.


Next party This sunday

all day, bringing chips, soda, pizza is always nice.

if you have a stick bring it, otherwise you can use one of mine

all are welcome, except if you’re an a-hole

I’m always up for sundays!:nunchuck:

Lets get more people to play at shoo’s house!

Hopefully by sometime this week he gets his A/C going,

because its hot like a mother fucker in there!!!

NO JOKE!!!:mad:

oh, and shoo’s dog has HUGE eyes!!!:wow:

i’m in irvine about twice a month, been looking for a place to play cvs2 or 3s.
haven’t played up there since the late zot zone.