Shonen Jump Discussion thread - All about Jump Ultimate Stars

So I don’t think there is a thread about this but I’ll just make one.

I do not actually own any anime FG other than Jump Ultimate Stars which I think is pretty cool. I remember that back in GFAQs, they said that there is no such thing as a tier list in JUS as there are a lot of variables like support komas and assist komas. I want to know what Shoryuken thinks, is there like a dominating character in JUS?

Oh and feel free to discuss other FGs like Naruto 3 coming up soon.

Already a thread about Naruto 3…how the fuck could you miss it?

Ah ok, then this thread is all about JUS

damn search bar got me nothing. smh
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It got you nothing since it’s been five bloody years since the last post there, might as well just use this one rather than necro it.

Are combos easy to make in this game?

I’m having an idea where Gon can reel in the enemy and switch or use support for a followup
I’m going to start playing again on train rides to uni