Shogun vidz

Anyone know where I can get some shogun vidz with cammy? I have one vid with Jwong playin with her but he wooped the other guys ass bad so he didn’t need to play with her.

ps. since shogun is retired, who is the top cammy player now?(shogun is still cammy god)

I want to see this guy in action as well. I’ve only heard about him and the only other real Cammy player I’ve seen is J-Wo playing against Commy a couple matches with Cammy/Doom/XXX. Of course, Justin destroys him with her and he does some tricky things with her but I want to see some Shogun videos, too.

Yea he said in one of his posts that jwong plays with her. Funny thing is I played shogun sometime ago but i didn’t know who he was until about 2 monts ago. Now he’s retired and i can’t get any tips and trickz 4rm him.

I’m the only cammy player left… Shogun and I were supposed to play some matches but he never plays anymore.

Oh yea who, have any vids? I’m pretty good with cammy but i wanna see some good resets with her, who’s your team?