Shitty Iron Man's tech video (by me)


Hey, this is nice stuff. Prolly belongs in Iron Man’s character forum.

That’s a really nice Repulsar reset! Good stuff!

If you’re going for damage you can add a full relaunch to “bastard combo” by instead of doing jump s at the end of the dash loops finishing it with unfly down h, down m, s , j.mmhs. If you’re going for not losing every match because you are properly spaced to be to far to land launchers off magic series I suggest you make your bnb the standard ground fly combo.

krispy kreme? sure, i know that combo but there is no need to put it in the video and i also use the combo, but i didn’t like to play iron man anymore, he is to hard to play online (lag), anyway, i use the krispy and i use it, but this video was done only to show some stuff done by myself.
about the bastard combo, was done in the moment, so i think im going to test what you say, thanks.

Also, im working on a “Shitty Spiderman’s tech video” if anyone is interesed

Why did u delete it TT_TT