'SHIT turnout' T.O. GGXX 03/06/04 results

Yeah, shit turnout, like 6 ppl who said they gonna come didn’t enter.

1 - XSapphire - Chipp
2 - Tidus - Dizzy
3 - Lewis - Dizzy, Johnny, Bridget
4 - K2 - May, Sol - FUCKING GUY :mad:
5 - Stephen - Baiken
6 - Rock - Johnny
7 - HoHo - Anji
8 - Rabbit - Ky, Slayer


  • Hoho getting a +5 on me…random shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeet
  • K2 pulling off that amazing coughrandom-shitcough comeback with sol (my daddy)…i swear to god if you guys want to beat me, just pick Sol, it doesn’t matter how good you are, i just lose to that fucking character everytime…
    Best highlight
    Roy not showing up for the tourney :slight_smile: :lol:

This tourney was a bit too random…Btw, everyone was asking how much the prize was…there was like $11 left for me :lol:

WTF?! Only 1 Slaya playa and no Eddies :eek: ?! What is this world comming to :frowning: . Also, sorry for the turnout. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

Is that before or after the bubble tea? :lol:

Its my fault. I am sorry. I scared K2 into playing Sol lol.
Lewis is a cool guy…GO BRIDGET!!

sorry i couldnt make it even tho i said i was coming…some last minute shit popped up…anyway…im up here for a week…do u guys go to orbit during weekdays? let me know