Shinryuken avatar

Can anybody make me an animated av of ken’s SFIII sprite performing the shinryuken?

What I’m looking for is something that contains red and black and displays my name.

Red and black background ? Ken’s gi is red, it might be a problem…unless you don’t care about ken’s gi color.
I’ll try to make you one.

My idea:

^ That’s awesome Vegett0.

Wtf is your avatar of?



My av is of DMC4 Dante using his new gauntlets. It has his face on the left which shows off the new mouth guard thing. Maybe I should rework it if its hard to tell what it is. :sweat:

^ no, I don’t follow DMC cause I hated the first one so I never bothered playing the rest.


Damnit ! Stop being that fast :crybaby:
I’ll try anyway ^^

nice animation, seriously, beautiful.

But not quite what I’m looking for. I the scrolling and color scheme just don’t sit well with me. Perhaps to make it easier, lets ditch the black background for the sake of the makers creativity? (I realize that my initail request limited possibilities.)

thanks for the submission.

Alright here’s mine…
It’s nowhere near as fluid as vegett0’s but i hope you’ll still like it !

edit: argh you asked a SFIII Ken…didn’t see that xD
Oh well…can you provide me the sprites ? I don’t have em…
I’ll give it another shot!

s’ok, those are definatly cool looking. err, what’s the difference between the two?

Like any of these?

Lonewolf, I used the sprites sheets from this site:

Just click where it says “sprites” up top since the shinryuken isn’t part of the animations.

2nd one, is it possible to slow the frames down on that one? I’m if not then it’s perfect.

EDIT: and without the yellow beam behind ken. @_@ make s meh dizzy.

One’s faster…
I’ll try another one tomorrow, i’ll be back heh !
Good job vegett0, those are better than the first ones ^^
Thanks, i checked that site, but didn’t try the “sprites” section(didn’t see it ^^).

yey seizures . Nice work, but my eyes hurt.

Like this?

GREAT. Now is it possible to remove that yellow beam? kind literatly hurts my eyes to look at it for a long time.

You’re not supposed to stare at it like that…:wgrin::rofl:

Here it is:

All these great av’s and you keep asking for more?
What the hell.


thank you kind sage. awesome work.

lonewolfs were awesome to. I’ll rotate.

I began making another one…but the size limitations are killing me…
Even with low colors(which are troublesome with the background), i’m at 26k and i haven’t put your name in yet…
I’ll try with a black bg to see if i can make it fit the limitations…
Here’s a preview:

If you don’t like it, i’ll just stop x)