Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Thread

Official site:
Released: March 23, 2010
System: Nintendo DS

Just picked this up. I figure this game should get its own thread so we can discuss it. Also, we can use this thread to trade demons since you can generate passwords.

Unfortunately, I really don’t think anyone really plays SMT or it’s spin-offs.

I’ll glady participate though. I’m a huge fan of the series. Give me a day or two to get some demon passwords. I’m at the last boss and it’s definitely a hard one…been doing fusions like crazy to get the best team.

Anyway, how do you like the game so far?

I’n a big fan of the megaten family of games. I wish they would come out with an actual SMT though, I want SMT4. I just got my copy about an hour ago. Haven’t started it up yet, but I look forward to starting it up.

For all intents and purposes SMT: Strange Journey** IS** SMT IV. Atlus said it themselves on their website. The games that they consider main series SMT were shown in a Japanese article. Those games are:

SMT: If…
SMT III: Nocturne
SMT: Strange Journey

Apparently, they want to forget SMT: NINE ever existed. lol

The latest newsletter has some passwords. I’ll post them here:

Left hand freeze
Right hand shock

 Prophecy of wind

Thick red skin

Soothing ice

Sector E was a definite bitch to navigate.

In Sector G now. Fucking walls.

there’s an atlus thread that was basically everyone talking about SMT games

Yeah this game brought back some frustrating memories of Digital Devil Saga, Nocturne, and SMT II. lol

Is the storyline of Strange Journey is not connected to the previous SMT games? Or are standalone like the Persona games?

All the games are standalone.

Standalone stories, but apparently same universe?

So if you put the pieces together or whatever, you can figure out what causes what. Not super directly related like DDS1 and 2.

Not exactly…Most can be considered standalone but some have connections to each other that are part of the story.

various SMT games

[details=Spoiler]**SMT III: Nocturne **- had a connection to SMT II. Hijiri the reporter was a reincarnation of Aleph from SMT II. He will continue to be reincarnated as punishment for killing God(YHVH).

**Raidou Kuzunoha vs The Soulless Army **- This game is in the 1920’s of the SMT I/II timeline. The last boss was a Raidou from the Millenium Kingdom come back to the past to change the post-apolcalyptic future.

All the Persona games take place in the same universe but have very little to do with each other. P2:IS and P2: EP take place in slightly alternate universes but are a continuing story.

**SMT If… **- This game seems to be an alternate universe of the Persona universe. Tamaki Uchida is the male/female protagonist of the game and can also be seen in Persona 1, P2:Innocent Sin and P2:Eternal punishment. To add to the confusion she is working at an alternate version of the Kuzunoha Detective Agency.

Those are the biggest connections I can think of.[/details]

Aso, I just beat Strange Journey today. Great fucking game. That last boss kicked the crap outta me.

Seriously? I never knew why Hijiri was being punished…I wouldn’t have guessed it was a reference to SMT 2. Hmm…I wonder if Hijiri’s reincarnated self is in Strange Journey…

I wanted to go Chaos. But I went neutral instead, at least for this run.




Just started this tonight. Seems great so far.

I think I might of fucked myself over though, with my character type. I got Luck, which seems like it would be the worst possibility. I was considering restarting it to try and get a different type, preferably Magic of Vitality if they exist, but I dunno if I wanna go through the starting parts again. : u

Why in the world would Luck be the worst type? I’m rocking Luck too.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I would think Magic type (I thinkt here’s one) would be the worst type for the main character, as he really doesn’t benefit TOO much from it, and I heard the stats are too skewed that way.

For Luck, stat growth seems to be pretty damn even, making the main a good Jack of All Trades that’s really lucky. :slight_smile:

Luck is actually the best. Better chance a demon negotiation. Better chance at evading / inflicting negative status. I’m luck and the game has been a breeze. Any demon I want I get within two encounters. Also the way my points spread its more Luck/Magic=Vit/Agi s I have high health, high magic, and okay agility. I figure whats the point of doing damage if I have a demon who can -dyne or Mortal Jihad for ABUSRD amounts of damage. I’m just there to survive.

Strange Journey Endgame


The last boss’ name is Mem Aleph. Though I doubt that is a reference to him. It is referring to the mother who created Earth and all life. “Mem” (“M” - “water” and “Aleph” (“A” - “first” together is the base for the Indo-European word for mother, “MA.” Which is also the name for her strongest attack.

Holy crap, “Angel” is an annoying boss. I might do the other things first (endgame).

Went on Neutral so that I could negotiate with demons relatively easily. Also because I didn’t want to fight that scary nigga.

I dunno, I was just figuring that it would probably only really help out of battle with negotiations and in battle with criticals, but I might end up being underpowered in STR/MAG. If the stats still turn out okay though, I guess it’s all cool then. : D

So Formas are the new way of passing on skills to fused Demons? I got a Forma from a demon the other night, but I wasn’t sure what it was for.