Shin Megami Tensei / Persona Series: General Discussion

The SMT brand or should i say style if i want to be more accurate is going strong and now they got two more projects in the works one for the 3DS and another for the Nintendo Switch along with Persona 5 which is reaching slowly to its western release date. as always discuss your hardest fights, best fusions, whose the best waifu, and how much Matador can go fuck himself in the comments below.

im just going to give a brief description for each game coming out cause if i wrote down every single detail i could find about the games id spoil the shit out of myself and be here all day. im going to leave up Persona 5 since it still hasn’t released in the west but im making room for our two mystery products.

Persona 5
**Persona 5 is the new upcoming game of the now famous series and will be looking to freshen things up by injecting heavy amounts of style the series with it’s unique level design, platform and stealth using gameplay, as well as the dual lives of the protagonists being students by day and phantom thieves by night. **

Its already been released in Japan to great reviews and now were just waiting in the west for its April 4 release date.

25th Anniversary Projects

its unknown what these two maybe but since this is related to an anniversary it wouldn’t hurt to think maybe one of them is a remake of sort. its also interesting to note that while the 3DS project is labeled as such the one appearing on the Switch is labeled as HD which may indicate it may not be an exclusive.

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Phantom, as usual displaying the worst taste.

that’s a funny joke

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You mind using the full title of SMT for the thread name? Just to make it easier to find this thread when using the search function.

yall are more than welcome to suggest full alternatives. i spent half the time just coming up for a title this thing and would gladly change it if i could find something that doesn’t seem to long, sterile, and included that the spinoffs are discussed here as well.

I’m just asking for the thread title to say Shin Megami Tensei somewhere on it. It would be easier to search for when this thread ends up lost.

You could just use Shin Megami Tensei / Persona Series: General Discussion

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fuck it ill go with that. not like i really care about that other one much or that anymore seem to be coming out soon.

I’m heavily looking forward to Tokyo Mirage Sessions. It looks like a standard SMT game with it’s mythology swapped for Fire Emblem’s.

Standard SMT games don’t deal with idols in an unironic, non-deconstructive manner.

Can SWbeta be banned from this thread?

just in case

I take it you played Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

No, I don’t have a Vita.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions only resembles an SMT game in the fact that people are summoning things and casting Bufu and Dia. I don’t see any traces of the series’ trademark analysis of the human condition, or any elements of genre deconstruction.

Is that why the acronym is backwards?



I asked because Dancing All Night brutally deconstructs Japan’s entertainment industry and idols. That game provides the plot you want TMS to have.

Well, that’s kind of the point I was getting at. I already know that Dancing All Night does that, as did Rise’s subarc did in P4 to a smaller extent. Even when SMT games have high school protagonists and a lighter feel, they still tackle some pretty heavy subject matter. The inevitability of death, owning up to the worst parts of yourself, what the world would really be like if humans suddenly gained control of captureable and trainable monsters, etc.

TMS has none of that. It’s supposed to be a mix of SMT and FE, but has almost zero elements of either. A complete waste of potential.

so i was a little dissapointed that we didn’t get anouther male P5 character then i remembered A. we got one last time and B. there’s this mysterious guy on the cover and his face is mysteriously obscured for all the pre-order costumes and the trailer

This should end up being one of my fave threads. So what SMT games have you all played/beaten?

Ive only finished p3&p4 >_<. I got Digital Devil Saga on hiatus. Im close to the end i believe but the last boss I fought+knowing I gotta do some mega grinding fatigued me.

Currently playing P2: innocent and ive played P1 and Devil Survivor 2 as well.

Once my shift at work changes Im gonna try to consume myself in SMT more. 3 titles droppin this year so I wamna be caught up and build my SMT resume a bit more