Shin Gouken in Super Street Fighter!

Fought Shin Gouken in Super today. You have to get 3 perfects, 3 Ultra finishes and beat Seth without any continues with Akuma or Ryu. (could be other characters but those is who i did it with)

He comes out and Challenges you after defeating Seth. So far I noticed his normal Fireballs are all 2 hitters, his Palm strike has armor, and he is faster than normal Gouken.

And they kick us in the balls with.this gouken while our gouken gets denjin LOL.

Yea it kinda sucks, Palm strike should have armor for normal Gouken.

I don’t know about normal having armor but I think ex should be. I think normal and ex would be better if they just fixed it’s invulnerability frames.

Well yea I meant EX version. Is it me or is EX palm strike slower now than in Vanilla? Thats how it seems to me.

Didn’t palm always have armor breaking properties?

^^ he is saying it HAS super armor…like balrog when he uses EX dash punches… but you are right that it did always BREAK super armor/focus. What they should ahve done is made it so normal playable gouken couldn’t follow-up after denjin but that this shin-ish version could. That way ppl would see him do a combo or something and try for hours and hours to get it to work to no avail…lol. Very “sheng-long”-ish of them had they done that.

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ah, thanks for the clarification. I’d prefer to have less recovery on a bunch of things. landing from tatsu, DF grab, DF focus, etc.

I have to agree with you on this on. I’m not even sure if this thread should be up in this area. Shin gouken probably should be in general gameplay not character specific. Since he isn’t a playable version of gouken at least at this time.

Thats a bit extreme, the follow ups after Denjin are limited as it is.

Please never use Shen-long-ish ever again. Shen long will never be a real character. Fei Long is the only LONG in SF!!!

You must defeat sheng long to stand a chance… Lol!!!

Actually Ryu is Long as well. Just a different language^^

You’re such a weeabo.

Loving this thread, especially without vids. At least Shin Akuma has some vids.

Go post some killer Mugen combo vids.

Here’s a video I found. The fireballs are godly. WTF at the palm strike. Very cool!


I already fought “Shin” Gouken 2 times, but he was damn easy to beat (in hardest difficulty I might add). Only notice his fireballs hit 2 times and his EX Palm is fast, nothing more.

I hope someone hacks the PC version, or any, to enable this guy.

Finally the character would have the tier status he deserves.

Don’t they have a Game Genie for xbox?

Please close this thread its irrelevant.