Shim Sang Joon!

The AVs that you sent I could not put on SRK… But anyways before I ask you to post them on here could you fix the big picture of yun and make hime Red, white and Black please? (Fierce Punch Color) and put the Genei-jin animation on it please? And since you are already done with my av in the first place take your time since you might be doing others as well and post them here too good thing to show off your work…

Strange since I tested them on my own account!

EDIT! Should have read your post more clearly :stuck_out_tongue:

I will do the av it as you have requested for sure,
but I have attached the ones I had intended for you as well.

Expect the new one as an update to this thread sometime soon.

The other one I made :confused:

The new one still pending sorry.

Here’s the new one with the changes you requested.

Not to sound too picky about it but not KO’s color the Fierce Punch button other than that it’s hella tight

Edit: THANK YOU !! ( almost forgot n shit )

About the colors. That was my mistake, but that is what
I get for rearranging my controls!

I assume you mean red arms black cap and white shirt then?

Anyways I see you have changed back to your original av
so if you aint gonna use it I might as well not do the change
and spend my time playing 3S :stuck_out_tongue:

thats wierd I didn’t change it back oh well… Yes I am using your av that you made me it must have been somthing I did when I put it on or some shit…

Well in that case…

Hope this is the colors you are lookin for then?

Fuck yeah thanks again!!

And finally work I’ve done for people and some of my own.

Really nice work. Very elegant. Especialy like Edieman’s and your’s. :tup:

Thankz kekken.

It’s been a while since you have smakked me up in 3s on xbl
but I remember you as a very dangerous Hugo :tup:

Catch you online sometime.

yeah, man. your avatars look really smooth. maybe you can redo mine? :lol:. just wishful thinking.


Shim: Whats up man. That one you did for Edieman is soo tight. The Yun one is great too. All your stuff looks good man keep it up.

You make awesome stuff. Personally I like your own and bahn’s best. :tup:

Thankz guys. Nice of you to drop a note about the av’s.

I will continue to pick up request since people
seems to like some of them.

that is some awesome stuff you got there seriously if it is alright with you may I use one oh and one question do you got one of Yang or justice from Guilty gear. or Remy from street fighter 3rd strike

Oh I mean Yang from sreet fighter 3rd strike but what I really want is Justice from Guilty Gear If you can make it let me know thank you very much Peace

U got it. I’ll make you a Justice av.

Still on the clock but will try to get it done tonight.

Hey SSJ, I was just wondering, what image manipulater do you use? I’ve always wanted to do my own work.