She's almost here! Riptor incoming on 17th*

I put a * but she’s most likely Ultra pack owners systems on the 17th.Full details about her, the 2.2 patch and some other goodies here! Trailer is Monday!

Clever girl indeed :slight_smile:

Age: 1
Height: 6’2” normal stance
Nationality: N/A - she’s product.
Gender: Female
Type: Cybernetic Raptor
Personality Traits: RAWRRRR
Weapon: What isn’t?
Blood Type:Uh…

Familiar with all of Riptor’s original moves and inputs? Well guess what – they are all back, intact… except for one, upperclaw - it’s been replaced with “clever girl”. We’ll show off her full repertoire on the stream on Monday.

What’s up with that tail?! Find out on Monday!

Where’s the story snippet?! Coming on Monday with the trailer!

Why they keep releasing characters when I gotta work?

I am guessing her tail will be segmented.

Yeah there’s no doubt, it will probably extend like a whip and is a weapon. Looks very cool!

Cant’ wait, just hope that “small snag” they mentioned doesn’t hold the release up.


Yeah it was great, I kind of wish we heard her music some more and it was more a traditional reveal. But they said on the stream today that shes the only one to have this Ultra tech commercial type reveal.
The microsoft theme today was incredible. So many great updates and features coming.

Love this game.

Just watched the stream demo of her, pretty much everything I was hoping for in regards to her play style. I might be in the minority here, but IG is doing a MUCH better job than DH in regards to building these characters. I mean they might have put the engine in place, but Season 2 characters are what caught my eye after having almost zero interest in this game, so my hat’s off to them.

yeah the graphics and quality of characters really improved this season. TJ is still the most similar to previous characters, but Maya and Kan-Ra just played so differently, and it looks like the rest of the season is going to be terrific as well.