She-Hulk Resets

So it’s looking like resets are going to be a huge, if not the main, part of She-Hulks gameplan. So I think this deserves its own thread. Post up interesting and useful resets and setups for these resets.

One thing that’s going to work most of the time against players not completely familiar with She-Hulk is:

combo into :s:, sj. :m::s:, falling :d:+:h:, :d:+:s: (aerial assist cancel), land, :d:+:m::s:, sj.:m::s:, falling :d:+:h:, :d:+:s: (aerial assist cancel), :qcf::l:

Reason being, after the last falling :d:+:h:, the opponent immediately recovers, a lot of players will be thinking the combo is still going on, so they stand up and keep blocking and you can grab them.
as always you can dash backwards if you think they’re going to recover forward.

That ground reset is easily teched out of after the 2nd TACc. They can also attack/jump out.

Also, currently the best damage ender you can get off of a launch is:
:s:, sj.:h::s::d::h:, TACc, c.:h::s:, sj.:m::m::h::s:, OTG torpedo.

This combo usually takes you to a corner. From there you can go for one of a few corner resets.

-Jumpback air grab: Catches air tech in both directions in the corner. Gets beat by most characters’ j.:l: and j.:m: after tech, or can be avoided with an airdash or double jump/flight. After landing air throw you can OTG Torpedo into either EC or run cancel the torpedo into j.:m::h::s:, land s.:m::s: relaunch.

-:qcf::m:: This catches air tech back in the corner. Gets avoided by front air tech, air dash, double jump, or flight.

-:dp::atk::atk:: This catches air tech back. Can be hit out by some moves, and also avoided with air tech forward, some air dashes, double jumps and flights.

There are more specific traps from midscreen OTG tornado where you have to dash or kara cancel c.:h: to get the above to work. I’m not sure if not air teching at all makes it easier to escape or just changes the timing. Typically in the corner most traps can be avoided with forward air tech and either j.:l:/:m: or wait and break the air throw.

most people don’t realize that they instantly recover after the second assist cancel though, so you can catch them off guard. at least in my online experience, 90% of the time people either roll back (cuz they’re still holding back from blocking) or stand up. both of which a :qcf::h: should cover. just kind of got to get a feel of your opponent. but its just something to get the thread started.

Jwong was abusing that air assist cancel with she-hulk and I am still amazed. Glad I got to see it. Makes me wanna try these combos out now with she hulk

You can also punish forward air tech in the corner with :dp:+:atk::atk: but you have to wait until they cross you up.

Outside of the corner, OTG Torpedo:

  • If they tech back, :d:+:h: kara cancelled into :qcf:+:m:

  • If they tech forward, dash back, :qcf:+:m:

  • If they don’t tech… :qcf:+:m:

Sunday Drivers leaves the opponent in an unrecoverable knockdown state. Which means you can:

:qcb:+:atk::atk:, :d::d:+:s:, :f:, OTG :l: then attempt a reset

What’s funnier is that if you only hit the car portion, they will likely tech backward, so :d:+:h: kara cancelled into :qcf:+:m: will reset them.

Originally posted in another thread by Handsome Tim:

Good shit, I found that if you do TACc, s.:m::h: it adds about 20k to the initial combo and you still get the same ToT attempt. You can also ass a s.:l: for a little bit more, and it adds more pushback, so it might work for Chun-Li’s f. air tech. I haven’t tested it on all characters, but I think it works on all the ones listed.

Also, if the opponent doesn’t air tech at all, you can still catch them, but you have to be a lot faster on the ToT, so there is potential to miss the reset and get punished hard if you go for the air tech timing and they don’t tech.

Oh, I missed this thread before when I posted. Oops.

So yeah, the timing for the most part is very similar on the characters it works on, the best way to practice it at first is to try it with the cpu set to not tech. If you get the timing right for neutral techs, it works on all the techs. I’m still trying to get the timing down as well, it’s kinda tricky. But I did get it in a real match last night. Depending on the combo you lead into this with, you’ll only need 1 or 2 meter to kill any character it works on. And the lead up should probably build you over a bar, so if you had any meter before starting this you’ll be set. With a command grab to start the loop on hulk, he died on the 2nd ToT, so it’s something to definitely get down if you really want to make the most of every hit.

Edit for AKUMA: So akuma throws a wrench in this with his hurricane kick. Kind of. If you do the reset with the guaranteed timing and he techs backwards, he can either super or just hurricane kick Jen out of ToT. However, if you delay ToT for a second, it will still be invincible and beat any options he tries. So it isn’t guaranteed on him, either you do it immediately for the neutral/forward tech catch, or you delay it for the back/forward tech catch. Still, it leaves him in a 50/50 death scenario. Of course, since he can’t get past you out of the corner, you can just wait and mix him up on the ground. Actually, just found a way out for akuma. If he techs back and supers, a delayed ToT will grab him, but he can DHC out. So if Akuma has 2 meter, he gets out of this reset, otherwise he’s at a 50/50 reset.

Edit for Wolverine: Wolvie can escape the setup with a back tech and super, the same way akuma can with super then dhc, or the super will her if they use normal timing. I’m still testing and retesting supers, but theirs seem to be the only ones I can get out fast enough to dhc or hit.

I like this reset, it’s nice to throw it in especially when people are used to her OTG torpedo resets. Still messing around with it though to see about milking the damage.

There’s always the option to just do nothing, and if they forward tech they land directly in front of you. It basically just gives you much more control over a tech trap in the corner after a combo than you would get with OTG torpedo.

I haven’t seen anyone mention it yet but the reset that Flash Metroid showed off in one of his recent videos is killer, I really like it.

Starts with a TAC cancel, then you relaunch and do another TAC cancel, it causes both players to instantly stand, free grab QCF+L. Noone I’ve fought has escaped this the first time, its really good. Oh and usually, the second time they usually try to jump QCF+M for the win. Hahaha, I got a couple angry messages today.

I still don’t like that one, just because they can always tech out.

Apparently I was reading one thread, and I posted in this one shrug Resets are all about risk/reward, theres always a way out for the opponent, the idea is to catch them off guard and hit them anyways. Just because escape is possible doesn’t mean they’re gonna be able to get away even if they know the trick!

True, but I’m finding a lot of people tech out by accident. If they tech you can go for a :qcf::h:/:l:, unless they jump or attack out. Basically, I don’t like that particular reset because there are too many scenarios to worry about, especially when she has resets that are closer to 50/50 mixups. Just my preference though, if it works well for you use it.

Good call, I’ve witnessed this a lot too. It’s not my bread and butter reset let me assure you. I’m sure at higher levels of play it will be less and less useful. I like my bag of tricks as full as possible though so I’ll hold on to it til people start to forget. Muaaghaha. Lol.

I have a weird reset anyone wanna try it out? I’ll upload the video too…


Found this when I was playing with my x-factor crap but this reset can be done without x-factor off an assist (doom rocks, or any other that causes airborne state). I don’t remember the numbers for the non-x version since I was only messing around. It’s pretty simple though!!

c.H, X-Cancel, Emerald Loop x5 (last hit whiffs), jf, Back Air Throw, Torpedo OTG, Emerald Cannon.

This works better in X-factor I think because of the speed, might catch them off guard, haven’t match tested this yet, but if you catch them its guaranteed KO. Also with level 3 xfactor Sentinal dies on the 4th Emerald loop, no reset required LOL! (1.3m on a loop?! Shes broken!!)

I don’t think it’s that worthless. My friend told me something about the loop after I explained it to him.

Me: "The Emerald Loop is easier when they’re caught in the air. It’s just j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, land and repeat. Hitstun deterioration does happen though."
Him: "Why do you care? Wouldn’t they simply air recover when it happens too much?"
Me: "Yeah."
Him: "So then you can do your anti-air grab move or hyper as soon as you land and it will connect."
Me: “That… is crazy enough to work.”

So on Sentinel, couldn’t you:
c.:h:, XFC, Emerald Loop 4 times, j.:h:, j.:s:, land, :d:+:h: whiff XX :qcf:+:m:, Emerald Loop until dead? Costs no bar lol

The loop can be started from a Torpedo cancelled into Running Start, cancelled with :s:, then jumping forward. Lots of work but I want to test it after Road Rage/Sunday Driver.

OMG the kara m.grab after the loop reset, godlike.

The only problem with that is the emerald loop at the end is gonna get screwed. With x-factor you can probably squeeze out enough damage, but She-Hulk’s grabs cause a lot of hit stun deterioration. Loop doesn’t last as long as when the opponent is on the ground also, so practicing the torpedo cancel is going to be paramount if that’s the plan.

No meter is always cool, but She-Hulk farms meter like nobody’s business, reseting Sent is extremely hard so going for the kill is usually a better option. On other characters I can see this being more viable, but Sent can mash S and beat any reset you try. These things need testing for sure but I like where this is going.

Stolen from J.Wong

Against large characters, Sentinel particularly. Hulk too, you probably know that shehulk can get a little psuedo loop going with a instant overhead j.:m:, j.:h:, delay j.:s:, and then immediaely jump and do it again. its also a decent block string.

anyway, you can get all kind of mindgames with this. do the series once, command grab. do the series twice, command grab. do the series once, do the first two hits of the series, command grab. do the series once, bait the jump. air command grab, or air grab super.

its pretty sick.

^didnt read above posts lol.

a simple block string, is c.L, c.M, c.H kara cancel into command grab. its broken. you can also use her level 3

I’ve been on this site during SSFIV and I haven’t been on since Marvel came out. I have this one reset that seems to work really well but I don’t have the time or means to really test the ways to break out of it. It involves Dante’s Jam Session assist in the corner. I do my BnB with She-Hulk,

random air ~ ground combo :s:, j.:m:, j.:s:, j.:d::h:, TAC glitch, :d::m:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, :s: land then j.:d::h: with Jam Session assist.

Depending on health of opponent I either:
A - Emerald Cannon DHC Wolverine
B - Position my self for her AA command grab.

Now with B, the opponent either jumps Neutral or forward. If I move 1 or 2 steps back I can grab them from either choice. I’m just not sure if Opponents are allotted enough frame to Air Hyper or Dash/Jump/Fly away from the command grab. I’ve used it last night and the only times I was unsuccessful was when i messed up my positioning or the timing of the AA command grab. If this is inescapable it’s a pretty useful loop to build meter.

This is pretty character specific, I’m sure u can make this catch forward techs, but I haven’t tested.

[media=youtube]SUKUtUkcRrc[/media]Anyway, simply take advantage of hit stun deterioration in a DHC prior to ToT.