Sharing common and advice on Nakoruru

Hi, I been using Nakoruru for a while now. I think we should share our different tactic when playing Nakoruru. First time you played them you may able to use the element of surprise since not much people use or against Nakoruru, but in time they’ll learn and your trick became useless to them.

It is very hard for Nakoruru to win a match against experienced players, Nakoruru take great deal of damage and very hard to make a comeback with her low damage attack. So it’s very important to have a plan or tactic against different character. Anyone want to share their experience on different tactic(not combo) to win a match?

Against Sagat:
*Disadvantage:Very tough match, 2 CR. FP from Sagat and your as good as dead. LK cross over doesn’t work very well on Sagat because of his tall size. If you cross over using Short while Sagat is standing up, any experience sagat player will DP or throw you no matter if that LK hit or blocked. One of the combo Sagat use against Nakoruru is to standing lp into tiger crush, which do great damage, knock you down, and more mind game or Cr.FP abuse.
The most scary move out of all is small jump HK, nakoruru player won’t be fast enough to react most of time and DP will be connected after. The call fire bird special(not super) may looks like a good anti air that’s hard to jump over because it is a big fireball that is hard to jump over( especially the lp verison), but it is very easy to jump over it to counter nakoruru. It just look scary for first timer, but in a few more match they will learn to jump over.

*Advantage: JD then run and can counter Cr. FP. Cr. mp can also counter his Cr.HP if you do it ahead of time. If you fast enough you can connect a special after. walk + jab can be use to poke Sagat(or any other fast characters) all day long, but if you abuse it too much Sagat can DP in between 2 blocking jab.
Try not to hop into the hawk randomly, Sagat jumping FP can counter it or trade hit most of time. Instead try connect a cr. FP or Cr. HK into hop bird special then do whatever mix up you want, just make sure you do it fast cause Nakoruru will lag in front of Sagat will he jd it.
Assume you using K nakoruru, if Sagat try to roll over your bird super or jd it, just counter them using the ground slide move. Don’t use the down-forward HP as a getting close move or hitting block stun, all Sagat player will Cr.HP it( that’s what they do all day anyway). Also, air slide move is very dangerous, even if it hit you will land in front of Sagat and his wake up DP is FASTER than your recovery after landing. So make sure you master ground slide combo.

the most important thing to remember with nak is to rush your ass off. she can’t take damage so you have to be sure to dish it out as quickly as possible. sweep into bird super should become second nature. if not, you shouldn’t be playing her.

i play her in c, so for me, grab mixups are key. ambiguous cross up into grab or combo is too good. personally, i use her dive off the bird as a cross up. it’s dangerous but when used correctly, you can get away with it pretty randomly throughout the course of the match. and btw, i think she should always be the first person on your team. she builds meter for free and rarely needs more than a level 1. at least when i play her. but then again, i play her for the high annoyance factor.