Share your ultimate Street Fighter setup!

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I just completed my ultimate Street Fighter 4 Gameroom! Check out the pics below, and feel free to share your own! I have been a life long SF player, and this would have been my absolute dream as a kid:

Here is my ultimate Street Fighter 4 Setup:
2 x Official Street Fighter IV Fightstick Tournament Edition
Official Street Fighter? IV FightStick? Tournament Edition for Sony PS3 (Original Artwork)

Microsoft Xbox 360 | Xbox 360 - The New Xbox 360

Super Street Fighter 4

Home Theater Components:
Mitsubishi HC4900 1080P Projector
HC4900 Home Theater Projector - LCD HD Projector - Mitsubishi Home Theater

Elite ezFrame Fixed Fram Screen 100?
Projection Screen Fixed Frame Scren

Denon AVR-2808CI A/V Receiver
Denon USA | AVR-2808CI

Definitive Technology BP-10B (Main Channels)
Definitive Technology BPX (Rear Surround)
Definitive Technoolgy C/L/R 3000 (Center channel)
Definitive Technology - Page Not Found

Sunfire True-Subwoofer 10" Bipolar 2700w

Infinity RS-5S Reference Series Towers (Rear Channels)
Infinity Systems - Home Audio

Toshiba HD-A35 HD-DVD 1080P Player
Toshiba | ARCHIVED: HD-A35: HD DVD Player

Alternate Gaming Systems:

Sony Playstation 3

Nintedo Wii
Nintendo 64
Super Nintendo
Country Selector at Nintendo

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