Shanghai, China (Main KOF but willing to learn)

So anyone still alive who speaks english here in Shanghai? I’m in love with KOF XIII but cannot progress with nobody to play with and nobody to have discussions with. I know of an arcade that is smoke free and in decent condition (for a Chinese arcade). After we meet up a couple times and I feel safe I don’t even mind hosting at my house (homie, I’ll cook for you if you’re good teachins).

If there are no KOF players I am willing to learn your game of choice, but will definitely need help. I am an experiential learner so I definitely will need someone to teach me. Also I seriously suggest you pick up KOF if you don’t already play cuz, hell it’s a bad ass fucking game.

I can speak english but i only play ssf4 in liehuo

Yo Strudelicious, I’m interested in learning King of Fighters to a casual degree currently. if that’s worth your time we could meet up :smiley: .

Basically, I love to watch KOF when it streams from EVO, but I tend to put all lab time into Smash Bros for Wii U (I have about 4 years of tournament experience in total and am pretty good at this).

If you like I can teach you some Smash, plus I already have a bunch of people gathered and am close to running tournaments in a dedicated venue for it, should you get into Smash hehe.

(Ideally, in the long term, I’d like to host a second game within the same venue too… although I’m probably gonna go with Street Fighter V or Melee for that right now.)

Anyway! Let me know if you’re interested in meeting up!! I’d love to make some more FGC connections in this city and am pretty open minded. Peace.