Shaft Thickness - Seimitsu LS-23-01 vs Sanwa JLF

Going to try out the LS-32 on my TE2+ and I was wondering if I can use the same washer I was using for my JLF stick. Thanks guys!

If there’s no shaft cover, the LS-32 shaft is thicker than the JLF shaft.
Short answer: No, you can’t use the same dust-washer.

Thank you for the quick response! I’m thinking about getting the quick Link stick from Phreak Mods, do you know if it’s possible to use a washer with it installed?

If you’re going for the Phreak Mods Link shaft, you’ll want to use a dust-washer that’s fitted for a JLF with shaft cover.

Ok awesome! I think that means I may be able to use the old washer I was using. It fit the Phreak Mods JLF link I was using and I think it was actually a little loose.

If it’s a stock JLF dustwasher, you should be fine.
I remember having to very lightly sand down the inside edge of my thicker Tek-Innovations arrowed dustwashers to use with Link shafts.